Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Week Day 7!

Today is the final installment of Mama M.'s Valentine's Extravaganza! The theme today is top 10 things you love about your love. I was hoping after a crappy night last night that I'd have had a nap so I could concentrate on this post, but my daughter who NEVER SLEEPS didn't make that happen for me today, so now I'm dead tired and probably won't even make sense. are my 10 things, in no particular order...


1. His hardworkingness (lol I don't think thats a word!) He works 2 jobs, so I can be a stay at home mom to the kids.

2. His sense of humor! Disgusting at times, but so is mine :)

3. The way he wants to always make me happy, via a candy bar, or whatever I'm craving.

4. He cooks!

5. He thinks I'm beautiful, even though I've packed on the pounds and look like a freakin moose.

6. He grocery shops :)

7. He took on my wild kids, and treated them well. He's been a bit grumpy with them lately, because he is so tired...sometimes they deserve it, other times they don't so much.

8. He is a great dad to Aubrey. He plays play-doh, princesses, tea party, the works!

9. He remembers birthdays, and anniversarys and if we have the money, I always get flowers, because he knows I love them.

10. He goes out of his way to make sure I am comfortable. When I was prego and couldn't get my fat ass up into our tall bed, he built a step thingy. He brought a stool to help me get up into his truck after my c-section. I told him my back hurts, so for Christmas he got me a chair massager thingy...stuff like that.

There are many more things of course, those are just the things that came to my tired mind at the moment.

Happy Valentine's Day Bill, I love you! I hope everyone else had a great Valentine's Day too.

This concludes the Valentine's Extravaganza, we will now go back to regular scheduled programing, starting tomorrow :)


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Amanda said...

Oh sweety, I love this list. YEAH YOU for making it and YEAH him for being a wonderful man!

So much to be thankful for.