Tuesday, February 23, 2010

National Pancake Day!

Did you know that today is National Pancake Day? WHAT?! How could you NOT know, its a very important day! Shame on you! Just kidding :) Yeah it is another crazy made up kind of day, but still...

Amanda's Rainbow Pancakes

If pancakes can be this pretty, maybe we should all make some today! Why not breakfast for dinner tonight? I'm very tempted...I wonder if I have everything I need to make these... These beautiful pancakes are from Amanda over at i am mommy and i am baker. She makes some super pretty things. If you like to check out food blogs, please please visit hers. I'm so glad I came across Amanda, and her blogs. It was in one of those blog communities on a blog I read, where I discovered Amanda, and I now frequent her blog all the time!

You know what? Not everyone liked Amanda's pancakes. While she got a lot of good comments on them, she also got some negative ones too, she talks about that here on her blog. Some mean people even posted on their blogs about them and her, saying some rather hateful things, how rude. To each their own I guess. I personally think Amanda's pancakes are super cool :)

If you decide to make these pretty pancakes, please let me know how they turned out...take a picture if you can.

Have a marvelous National Pancake Day!



Amanda said...

Thanks Renee. You make my heart happy.


Kami said...

I made them and they were yummy! You know Kayla is a picky eater and she them and loved them!!

Tammy said...

We did not have pancakes yesterday. I considered it but decided on something else instead.

I'll keep the food colouring in mind for the future, for Paige only. I'm not sure I could force myself to eat coloured pancakes, even if they don't taste any different.