Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Week Day 6

We are almost done with the Valentine's Extravaganza! I hope you've enjoyed it all so far! (OMG I almost typed FART instead of FAR! What is up with me!?) So once again today, I'm taking part in Mama M.'s blog hop...topic for today is a favorite photo of me and my love.


My favorite picture of Bill & I isn't really 'romantic', but its very special...and full of love. I wasn't all glammed up (not like I ever really do that anyways), nor was he dressed up...but it is one of the best pictures ever of us, and with special reason...

Aubrey 007
That was taken Dec. 19, 2007, at the birth of our daughter Aubrey.

Do you have a favorite photo of you and your love? Blog about it, and show me!



Mama M. said...

I love photos like that! Nuthin' but love!

Mama M. said...

P.S--totally laughed at the "fart" thing! Crazy how our minds worked!