Thursday, February 4, 2010

Teenage daughters = ARGH!

My daughter that will be 16 later this month is giving me a run for my money lately. She has become very mouthy, and disrespectful. When she isn't those things, she is the drama queen, no body loves her according to her... I don't remember being this way as a teenager...or maybe I just have selective memory.

So last night/evening I should say, Kelsey was doing drawing homework at the kitchen table. Bill was also in the kitchen cooking dinner. Bill turned the light on, because it was getting dark, and Kels snapped at him about it. Saying something like, "HEY! I want the light off!" Bill of course snapped back, telling her she isn't the only one in the house, and he wanted it on! She came back with more crap, and some cuss words with it. He did the same back. She did it again, and stomped off to her room and slammed the bedroom door. Oy.

Kels needs to learn to watch her mouth and tone, and to quit cussing! Bill needs to pretty much do the same. Things would have been so much easier if she said, "Hey Bill, the light hurts my eyes, can we keep it off?" in a nice tone. But nope, thats not how she does things, she just snaps off without thinking. He is the same. Maybe thats why they don't get along very well, they are both hot heads.

Then this morning when I took Kels to school, she had a hissy fit because I was going to go shopping for groceries without her. If I went without her she feared I'd not get her expensive shampoo & conditioner for her and God forbid she had to shower without it! She bitched and bitched about it all the way to school. "I can't shower without it!" "I can't comb through my hair without it!" Yeah sure. What did you do all these years before you got that kind of shampoo...that you got the first time about a month ago? According to her she cried everytime she had to comb her hair...BS. I was nice, and got it for her, but I really shouldn't have.

Then comes this evening...She started to go off on me on how I don't let her drive ever. How she'll have to lie about the hours she gets in to get her license blah blah blah. How I'm so mean, and don't love her because I won't let her drive...UGH. She doesn't understand my reasoning. I don't want her driving when I have Jilly & Bree in the van. I'm not going to risk their lives, just to teach her to drive. Sure, she isn't THAT BAD, but, there are horrible drivers on the road, and I don't feel she has the experience or know how to avoid those idiots without injury/damage. If I get time when I don't have the younger kids with us, then yeah, I'll let her drive....but those times are few and far between. My oh my the drama. I'm such a bitch (according to her). Bill agreed to watch Bree & cook dinner so I could take Kels out to drive to shut her up. As soon as she is in the car, she is all nicey nicey like she never was a demon minutes ago....Oy.

Its been another day of running around. I need a vacation day :) Bill, Bree & I went grocery shopping this morning. First to Aldi's, then to Jewel, then to Walmart. Not fun. Came home put it all away, had lunch, then it seemed to be time to get the girls. I also had to get gas, and make a run to the store in town to pick up something I forgot at the other 3 stores LOL. I'm such a doofus.

The plan while out this morning was for me to also get the haircut I've been in dire need of, but that didn't happen. We went by the hair place at Walmart, but the only chick working was the one that totally messed up my hair last time, and NO WAY IN HELL was I letting her near me with scissors my haircut will wait. Hopefully tomorrow I can get one, if not I may go nuts and shave my head, can't look much worse then it does now!

Oh, and to top off my day, my dreaded 'Aunt' decided to visit...EARLY! Bah!

Thats it for tonight, my bed is calling me...Toodles!


Danielle said...

Wow and Kelsey looks so innocent in her pictures! :D Maybe we can blame her attitude on PMS or possibly just teenage hormones. I'm sorry you have to deal with that!! Better you than me (or any of my family, for that matter)! If I had ever cussed at my mom or dad I wouldn't have any teeth left in my head!! lol

Tammy said...

It sounds like one heck of a day. Oh boy. I am still dealing with my SIL's teenage years although the past month she has FINALLY started calming down. You have two more girls to get through that stage. Do you think you will still be sane after all that? LOL

Elliottsmama said...

Kelsey has been this way for a while. I remember the pool incident here. I don't have a girl so I don't know but I do know I did not behave that way