Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Busy long day

Today was busy! Kind of a good thing, but kinda not lol. After taking the girls to school, I came home fed Bree breakfast, and we headed out. I had to drive an hour away to the car place for the estimate to fix the van. We picked Zach up on the way. We arrived at the car place a few minutes early, and thankfully they got us right in. The damage is estimated at $1166, thank God I don't have to pay for it! The van goes in on Feb. 16 to get repaired. I'm so happy I'll have a loaner car to use while its in the shop. I would hate to be stuck with one vehicle.

Next we went to visit my mother at her work. Bree hasn't ever been to Gram's workplace, so Gram had to show her off to everyone. Bree came out with a few goodies and was a happy camper.

Next stop was Petsmart. Zach works there, and has for a year and a half now. He's been bugging me to go see his place of work ever since he started, but I couldn't see driving an hour there just to see a pet store, then driving an hour back, with a cranky little one and fighting sisters in the back seats. So since we had to be out that way anyways, we were sure to visit today. Zach was thrilled to show Bree all the animals there. She saw fish, rats, birds, snakes, mice, cats, and dogs, and a few other things that I'm forgetting at the moment. But do you know what she enjoyed most? Empty painted Hermit crab shells! She had to go to them and touch them all several times, and wanted one. Her favorite was the one that looked like a soccer ball. Funny thing is, last night, all she was talking about was how she was going to see a snake at Zach's work, and how she'd touch it, hold it, and put it on her neck, but not on her face or in her nose (her words, not mine LOL). But when it came time to see the snake, and to be able to touch it, she wanted NOTHING to do with it. Silly girl.

Next stop was the new Super Target out there. WOW! I've never been to a Super Target. It was totally awesome. I wish I had a bunch of money to spend. Cute things were there. I saw some Ni Hao Kai Lan underwear for Bree, she's been asking for some but I didn't think anyone had made them yet, so of course when I saw them, I had to get some for her. Stupid me, saw the tag on the shelf that said size 2T/3T, so I grabbed them...came home to get them out of the package, and discovered they were a size 6! UGH. I should have double checked, and not assumed they were on the right part of the shelf.

Finally it was time to head back towards home. We dropped Zach back off on the way and off we went. We got home and came in for a whopping 20 minutes, then had to go back out to pick up the girls. It felt as if we were on the go and in the van all darn day.

While we were out, Bill finally put up the rain gutter shelves in the girls room for me. I saw them on the Family Fun Magazine web site a long time ago. We got the stuff to make it, but it sat in the garage forever. Finally its done. It looks nice. There is one for Bree & one for Jilly, by their beds. They can keep stuffed animals in it, books, whatever. See:


Oh, and yesterday, I had Bill help me with a little project with Bree. We made footprint penguins. Only thing is, I messed up. I was thinking side view when I put the finishing touches of the beak & eyes on...but for a side view, the white on the belly should have been on the side too, duh. So I should have put the beak in front, and 2 eyes. Oh well...we can always make more :)

Pretty cool what you can do with feet isn't it? Bree likes her feet painted. Its very helpful having someone else home to help, it keeps the mess factor down a lot! Otherwise she is trying to walk away with paint on her foot before I can set the paper down to wash her feet off.

Thank you to those that left us Anniversary wishes in the comments yesterday. Bill & I decided to go out for a bit of alone time together. My mother in law babysat. We went to get Bill a haircut, since it has been months since he had one, he was looking rather girlish :P Then we got diapers & milk, then went to dinner at Steak & Shake. Exciting huh? Oh well, at least we got out, with no kids, and enjoyed each other for a while. That was nice.

Oh, good news from last night. Bree slept all night! She rarely does this. When she does, I'm super excited :) Can she do it two nights in a row? Hmmm cross your fingers! I would be in 7th Heaven.

Bree's been talking a lot as I mentioned the other day. Now her new thing to talk about is a triceratops. Such big words for a little girl. Also another cute thing...when we leave to go somewhere and Bill is home, we say, "toodle loo daddy poo" but lately I've been trying to teach her new sayings like, "later gator", "in a while crocodile", "see ya soon big baboon". So, she now tells her dad "Toodle loo BIG BABOON!" Hahaha :)

Thats it for now...Toodle loo big baboon!


Danielle said...

Wow you had a busy day today, huh!? At least you got to see your mom and Zach's work. That's so cool that Bree got to see all those animals! That's great!

I guess you're going to have to take those panties back to Target, huh? That stinks! Oh well, at least you get another chance to go back out there! :D

Those selves are cool!

I'm glad Bree slept all night last night! I will keep my fingers crossed that she does that tonight too.

Wow Bree's talking about triceratops!? Goodness! That is a big word for a little girl! She has such an active imagination! LMAO at Toodle loo big baboon!!! :D

Mindi said...

Oh. My. God. How cute are those peguins????? Can Zach move to Utah and take care of my dog full time??? Seriously! :)

Amanda said...

Busy day!! I love Super Target too. And those feet are just ADORABLE!!


Tammy said...

I love the penguin art and the gutter shelves. They both look great!

You definitely had a busy day! I'm sorry you got the wrong size undies. Oh darn, I guess that just means you need another trip to the SuperTarget. Such a shame. LOL.

I still think you are a mean mommy for not getting Bree the hermit crab shell. HAHA.