Monday, February 1, 2010

Busy Day

Today has been busy, and not really in a fun exciting way or anything. This morning, Bree & I went to my moms to visit, and to drop off a mattress. My hubby was supposed to go with and take the mattress in his truck, but he copped out, and instead shoved it into my van for me to take and to unload, guess my sore shoulder means nothing to him, grrr. :P

On the way home, Miss Bree made it half way before zonking out. I snapped a quick picture of her once we got home and in the garage.

Later in the day, Bree played with her train, with her daddy & the cat (Tigger). Tigger likes to derail the train...(hopefully this video works, if you can't see it, sorry.)

Not long after that, I went about the task of rearranging the little girls room. They have a TV in there and it couldn't be seen well from the position of the new bunk beds. So I moved the bed to the wall across from the TV, and moved the toys to where the bed was previously. It makes the toys more compact, but it also kinda hides them somewhat, so its not totally a bad thing...

UGH! After school, I asked Jilly if she had homework. She told me she just had this one worksheet. She did it, and then spent the rest of the evening playing. Well JUST NOW, when she is supposed to be IN BED, she says she is supposed to know some song on her recorder, and she has to know it by tomorrow and play it in class in front of everyone. So instead of practicing it, she is crying about it. Like thats gonna help. She thinks she is skipping school tomorrow to avoid playing it, I don't think so...

Miss Kelsey is in a foul mood tonight. She is a total pleasure to be around...NOT.

Bree took an early nap today, I was really hoping that meant an early bedtime, but its like 9:00 now and she is still going strong. Last night was rough, 11:00 she finally went out. She slept good once she went out...till 5 a.m. when she fell out of bed.

Whelp, thats about it for today. I think I'll leave you with a few pics, just for the fun of it.

Conjoined kitties lol (not really)

Jilly likes to make things out of paper. Here is something she made the other day



1 comment:

Tammy said...

The girls new room looks great! It is sooo cute and definitely looks like a girls room. Poor Paige has a boring room with tan walls. One of these days I'm going to paint it for her.

The video of Tigger derailing the train was funny. Bree seemed to get a kick out of it and waited for Tigger to do it. LOL.

The photo of the cuddling cats is too sweet.

Tell Jillybean that she did a great job on the paper art.