Sunday, February 21, 2010


It's snowing out. Yay! But Boo too... I love snow. I am just stressing a bit because I have an appointment tomorrow morning, and hour away, that I need to drive to, in the yucky snowy stuff. I'm hoping that since I have a main road to take (although 1/2 the way is pretty much the country portion of it) maybe it won't be so nasty. If there is school, I have to drop the girls off then pretty much head right out. If the roads are cleared, I'll get there a bit early, if they are nasty, hopefully the extra time will still get me there by 10.

My appt. is at the car repair place to get the damage to the van fixed from the accident on Jan. 18. It was supposed to be done last week, but the part they ordered didn't arrive in time. I hope the rental is something cool, and it better be big enough for a car seat, plus room for Kels, Jilly & Jackie (Jilly's friend that I transport to and from school every day). It's going to be a pain moving the car seat back and forth and stuff. I hope Miss Bree cooperates!

I'm wondering what tomorrow will be like. If there is NO school, then I'll just take all the girls with me. If they have school and end up being let out early I'm in trouble, because I won't know this, and I won't be back in time to pick them up. Not sure what I'll end up doing. If it was a different day other then a Monday, I'd have my mother in law pick them up, but she is busy on Mondays and not around. I'm kinda stressing over this. So, please cross your fingers that there is either no school or school all day tomorrow for me! :)

Not much has gone on around here today. We went to breakfast this morning at a place in town. We used to go there often, but than Bree came around and money got tight so we haven't gone in forever. It was nice. They have a buffet thing at breakfast time and we all got that. I like it because I can get what I want and how much I want and be a happy camper. Bree liked the whipped cream and froot loops (yep, she mixed them lol) she also liked the watermelon.

The rest of the day was spent with kids making messes, and not listening, and the older girls fighting. Miss Bree didn't nap today so she's been cranky tonight. She went to bed at 6:40, and I hoped it was for the night, but less then an hour later she was up, and she's more cranky, fun fun. So that said, she is sitting on my lap right now and wanting to cuddle so I gotta go.



Danielle said...

I know you posted this on your facebook page and I thought well all she has to do is keep them out if the school's are let out early, but that wouldn't work because you wouldn't know until they were already at school. Hmmm... what a predicament! I say just keep them out and take them in late. That you don't have to worry about it.

Tammy said...

Amazingly enough, you have received far more snow than us this year. The last couple years we have been drowning in snow but this year we've hardly had anything. It is pathetic!