Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Happenings

Since my blog week last week was filled with Mama M.'s Valentine's Extravaganza, I haven't filled you in on other daily life here...not that its very exciting or anything, you probably didn't miss it LOL. So, I'm going to give you little bits and pieces of things going on around here the last week or so...

*The other day Bree & I were talking about names. Bill had went outside, then came in the garage, and made noise. Bree asked what that noise was, then said, "Its just Bill again" lol umm ok, but its DADDY to you. So we started talking more about names. I explained to her that my name is Renee. She did not like that! "YOU ARE NOT A RENEE!" she said. I told her yes I was, its my name. "YOU ARE NOT A RENEE EITHER (she always adds either to things)! YOU ARE MOMMY!" she yelled. I told her yes, I am mommy to her and Kels, Jilly & Zach, but to other people I'm Renee. "YOU ARE NOT A RENEE EITHER" was her reply to that. So I gave up the discussion lol. Later I asked her if Renee could have a kiss, lol and she yelled at me again.

*Speaking of kisses... Bree tends to wipe off just about everyones kisses once they are given. She doesn't always do it with mine, but to almost everyone else she does. SO the other day Bill came home from lunch and when he went back to work, he gave her a kiss, she immediately wiped it off. He said, "ok,be that way, I'll just give mommy a kiss" she was sitting on my lap at the time...he leaned over and kissed me, and Bree immediately wiped his kiss off of me! LOL She is such a turd

*I was busy making a shitload of cookies last week. I had just put the icing layer on some and they were wet still. Bree kept coming in and wanting to mess with them. SHe ended up touching one and messing it up. SO I said fine, take it, then go play! She took it, took a bite, and as she was walking away she said, "These are the best cookies EVER! Thanks Mommy!" lol made me feel guilty for scolding her for messing with the cookies.
Here are a few of the cookies I made...

My older girls, Kelsey & Jillian, were in our local paper. Kels made it in the print version. Jillian was in the online version. Here is a picture of Kelsey, and a link to view Jillian's.
Jilly in the newspaper

Here is a picture of Bree in the cape my friend Kami made for her. Bree loves to dress as a princess, and sometimes a WonderPet and she needs a cape...Kami was kind enough to make her one. :) Thanks Kami!


*The last few days, I've been busy making some file folder games for Aubrey to play with and learn from. Here is a link to view some that I have made so far. FILE FOLDERS

*For about a month now, whenever Miss Bree cries or wants attention, she'll cry and say "owie owie, ouchie ouchie", I think she realizes when she says this we definately come see what the problem is. Not that she is ignored other times though. Anyways, she is always crying this, and I am pretty sure there are no owies. I look for them, ask her about them, ask where they are and she never tells me, so that leads me to think there are none. Its very frustrating. How do I know when she for real has one and when she is just looking for attention??

Saturday evening, she had a late nap. When she woke up, she was screaming, and I mean screaming! SHe kept saying OWIE OUCHIE, and was even tensing up, like she was really in pain. This went on for an hour. I was at my wits end. I asked her about every body part, if hurt or whatever and she'd say no or just ignore me. Nothing I could do would help her. She wanted to be held, only by me. She didn't want me to sit with her. She didn't want to watch tv, color, paint, take a bath, nothing. I was tempted to take her to the ER to see if there really was some kind of problem. Finally I just told her we HAVE to take a bath (she usually LOVES them and is eager, so I figured she'd enjoy it once she got in). She was reluctant and crying about it, but I put her in anyways. Thank God that did the trick and she then shut up and was happy and playing. I thought maybe she had a tummy ache or something. Her poop had been hard the last few days so I thought maybe she had some constipation issues and warm baths always made Jilly feel better when she had that problem... Not sure if that was the case with Bree or not, but it did shut her up.

There was more of the owie crying that night. Then the next morning. Its an every day thing lately...not as bad as Sat, night, but still some every day. What do I do? If I ignore her cries about an owie, what if there really IS an owie somewhere? Its stressing me out.

*Jilly has been a stinker lately too. She is mouthy, doesn't listen, and purposely does things that she KNOWS annoy people. She is always in Bree's face, even when Bree tells her to leave her alone. She picks fights with Kelsey. She is wild, and quite frankly bratty. I'm not sure if she is acting up because her dad is gone and she misses him, using this as a way to vent about it or what. I just know that she needs to adjust her attitude, this is not fun.

*Kelsey has been home sick the last few days. She complained of feeling icky when I picked her up from her dads on Sunday and has gotten worse...but I'm hoping today she is on the better side of feeling bad, I would really like her back in school tomorrow!

I'm sure there is more I should be talking about, but thats a start...if I remember the rest later I'll add to this post. I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday. Toodles!


Tammy said...

Bree is so hilarious! She is a constant source of amusement for us. LOL.

Congratulations, Jilly and Kelsey for your contributions. How exciting that you made it in the paper and on the website!

I love the cape! Kami did a fantastic job on it.

Lots of updates! I still say you are crazy to make so many cookies.

Mindi said...

Oh my Valentines Day Cookies Godess!!! May I please have the one that says "Eat Me" ? :)

Your girls are so cute! It's awesome Jilly and Kelsey made it in the paper! Bree is so dang cute in her cape! How dare you think your name is Renee! :)