Thursday, December 31, 2009

So long 09. Welcome 2010

I don't know about you all, but 2009, for us, was pretty rough. We had some health issues, my feet, Kelsey's toes, Moo's broken leg, Kelsey's broken finger requiring surgery, just to mention a few things. Thankfully nothing was life threatening, and these things have healed well. We have had some major financial issues as well. I'm hoping the new year is much easier on us all the way around.

There will for sure be at least one downer in this new year. Jilly's dad is leaving, to live in his home country, Norway. This means Jilly will no longer have a dad around. Please keep her in your thoughts. He leaves Jan. 14.

Jilly will turn 10 in 2010. Zach will turn 20 in 2010 Kinda cool. Kels will be turning 16...but will she be Sweet? LOL Bill & I will celebrate our 3 yr anniversary in Feb. of 2010, and Bree will turn 3 in Dec. 2010.

Kelsey & I would like to shed some extra pounds this year. Its going to be so tough, I LOVE my food, the junkier the better. Wish us luck!

Have you made any resolutions? Do you make them every year? Do you keep them?

Tonight, New Years Eve, is pretty boring. Bill is leaving for work soon. Kelsey is babysitting elsewhere. Jilly is at her dads. So Bree & I are here, watching Nick Jr. I'm about Olivia, Wonder Pets, and Ni Hao Kai Lan'd out! I was hoping for an early night tonight, but Miss Bree took a long, late nap, so I have a feeling we'll be up ringing in the New Year come midnight. I've been telling her about New Years, and she is excited. She has been saying, "Happy New Year" over and over tonight. If she's awake at midnight I'm going to let her make lots of noise :)

Oh well, kind of a boring post tonight, sorry. I hope you all have a happy, healthy and safe New Year! Don't drink & drive tonight. Hugs to all.

Here is your last toodles of 2009....TOODLES!

Happy New Year from Renee Kofoid on Vimeo.


Tammy said...

Bree is soooo cute and I love the video!

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