Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Answers to the CW Award

Are you sitting on the edge of your seat just waiting to hear what the answers are? I bet you are! Ha!

In Set A, it was all lies, except for 1 truth. Here is a review of that set:

1. I was a party animal when I was young.

2. I parasailed once.

3. I exercise every day at the gym.

4. My husband once had to retrieve something from a personal area on my body.

5. I hate to bake.

6. I'm a heavy drinker!

7. Bungee jumping is something I've always wanted to do.

The correct answer, the TRUTH is.....drumroll please....#4!
Would you like to hear the story behind it? Its really TMI, so it might disgust you, if so, scoll past this paragraph...
When Bill & I were trying to concieve, we were in a hurry, since we were both getting old. I read up on line different TTC tips, to try to speed things up. One of those tips involved the Instead Cup. Apparently, you put it in after doing the deed, and it helps to keep the fluids in where you need them, helping the little swimmers stay in the pool and going to the deep end. So, I got some, and we tried it. It went in great. Coming out was another story. I couldn't get it, that little sucker like suction cupped in place and I couldn't get a grip. I had to have Bill fish it out for me. Disgusting eh? I told you it was TMI !!

Set B consisted of all truths, only 1 lie. Lets review set B:

1. I've been married 3 times. (1st was in 1988, 2nd in 1999, 3rd in 2007 no more, ever again)

2. I've never been drunk. (I guess I don't want to ralph & have a hangover)

3. I have been in a car going down a drag strip. (hubby #1 had a hot rod mustang, I went down the track with him once, it was cool, and scary)

4. I used to ride a pink motor scooter around town. (It was super cute and fun!)

5. I'm a member of the mile high club. (see below)

6. I was in a commercial. (when I was a kid, our church made a commercial, I was in the crowd)

7. I've kissed a girl...and I liked it. (I kiss Kelsey, Jilly, Bree, and my mom :) and I like it)

The correct answer for set B, the only lie in the bunch is....#5! Were you right?
I've only been on a plane for one trip, and I was alone, and married at the time, so no mile high club for me. Thats ok though. I probably couldn't fit in a airline bathroom to do anything now even if I wanted to!

Wasn't that fun? Thanks again for the award Dazee.



Dazee Dreamer said...

Dang, I was so hoping that you were a member of the mile high club.

And I'm with you on the whole getting drunk and barfing thing. I threw up 4 months straight with Mindi and that was enough to last me a lifetime.

And I knew that I could totally see you on a pink scooter. and I knew you were talking about kissing your girls. You can't fool me sista.

Mindi said...

hahahah! Love the TMI story!! Dave and I did a lot of weird things to try to conceive a boy as our second child. Facing East...stuff like that! haha! I guess it worked though!