Saturday, June 19, 2010

Show Me Saturday! Stormy weather

Happy Saturday everyone! I've pre-wrote this blog so that it would post right away on Saturday, while I am away at the Relay For Life walk. I figured it was better to have it ready because Saturday when we return its going to be a busy day and I'll be to exhausted to blog.

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Ready? Good. The topic for today is STORMY WEATHER. Repeat after me, STORMY WEATHER :) So your posts should be about what? Dogs? NO, Naked Men? NO, Stormy weather? YES YES YES! :) OK, I think you got it. I can't wait to read and see pics about your STORMY WEATHER experiences.

June 5, we had a nasty night of storms. I saw the ugly clouds roll in, and happened to grab the camera to snap a few pics before things got to ugly. Soon after, there were tornado watches, then warnings. The kids, Bill and myself spent over an hour in our basement to wait out the warnings. We all kept fairly busy. Jilly watched TV, Bree played with all the toys we had hidden down there, I got on my old dinosaur computer which is slower than molasses in January, and Bill was on his computer playing games. Thankfully all of us here in my town were safe. Others in towns not to far from us, like Streator, which is approximately 40 minutes from us were not spared. Streator got hit pretty good. Scary stuff tornado's...I hate them.

Here is a glimpse of the nasty clouds rolling in that night in our area:

storm clouds 6-5-2010

To see some of the damage from the tornado's that night you can visit these links:
NBC Chicago
World News Network
I think that is enough to give you an idea of what it was like here in IL that night. It wasn't pretty. My heart goes out to those that lost everything, or had damage.

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Today's QOTD: Have you ever experienced a tornado?



Mindi said...

YES! I experienced a tornado a decade ago in downtown SLC. I was at work and the clouds were a navy blue with lightening jumping through the clouds. I remember the sight so well-burned in my memory. Further north a tornado struck killing a couple of men. We aren't supposed to have them here in Utah! Our mountains are HUGE. It made national news. Very scary! Can't imagine living amoung them all the time! Hope you guys are safe!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I don't have pictures, but a few years ago we were in Michigan at my brother-in-laws house and it was real hot. We were sitting in their garage and all of a sudden the weather got bad and a wind shear hit the neighborhood knocking down treea and doing all sorts of damage. In a matter of minutes the neighborhood looked a wreck. It was pretty scary!

Tammy said...

Yes! Many. I lived in Wichita, Kansas for an entire tornado season and experienced many during that time. I remember one night counting over 30 funnel clouds but only one of them actually made it to the ground.

I remember watching it form and seeing it come near me. I was outside in the parking lot of my apartment complex. My unit was a corner one so I figured if it was going to hit I didn't stand a chance, even indoors so why not see it up close and personal.

The tornado was literally above my head and almost to the ground when my friend drove up like a crazy person in his car and yanked me inside before driving away as fast as he could. It was a very daring thing to drive right into the path of a tornado that was seconds from touching the ground. He had his wife and baby in the car and risked them all to get me.

The tornado finally touched down about 2 miles north of my apartment. It was a wild and crazy evening. Oh and for the record, as soon as the sirens went off, I put "Twister" in my DVD player and watched it for a while before I went outside to see the real thing. Yeah, I'm sick and demented. HAHA.