Friday, June 11, 2010

Thursday's Adventure

Bill's been on vacation this week from both jobs. So yesterday (Thursday) we thought we'd do something as a family, something not to expensive. Haha yeah right, what were we thinking?!

First we packed up some food, and we went on a picnic to the forest preserve, the place Bill & I had our first date. We ate there and Kels & Jilly took a little hike on the trail, while Bill & I took Bree to the playground. There wasn't a whole lot there for her to play on, so she lost interest quickly. So we changed plans a bit and went over to another park, where there was more things she could play on. After a bit of play, we checked out watches and wow, we still had a LOT of time left before the movie we were going to see started. So, we gave our friend Dan (& Cindy) a call to see if we could stop over and see their new puppy. The girls love the new pup, its a shepherd, named Bud E., he is super cute. Bree just loved to run and have him chase her. Jilly liked it too.

Finally it was time to go to the movie. It was Bree's first time at the movies, she did pretty good. We saw the latest Shrek 3D movie. I've never seen a 3D movie before so it was kinda cool. Bree wouldn't wear her glasses so she watched a somewhat blurry movie. She got a little fidgety after a bit, but overall did really well. I couldn't believe the price of a movie for our family. Holy crap, it cost an arm & a leg, and even a boob too! It was that expensive!

After the movie we went over to McD's and had a late dinner and let the girls play at the indoor playplace. Bree LOVED it. It was super hot in there though she was sweating like crazy. She got up in the highest place in there and yelled out to me, "Mommy I just LOVE this place! so cute.

I took pics yesterday (duh, did you think I wouldn't?) so I'm going to share them with you now.

fp 6-10-10

watermelon girls

Picnik collage

Bree 6-10-10

J & B park 6-10-10

Jilly & Bud E.

Jilly 6-10-10

Did you enjoy the pics? I hope so!

I have a tip for NOT spill coffee on your keyboard. I did that this morning. I must have had a hole in my lip because it dripped out and went on the keyboard. I didn't think it was that bad, I cleaned it up as best I could. But come to find out, later in the day, it got stickier inside...and my enter key got stuck, and messed everything up on my computer and scared the crap outta me. I thought I had a virus or something LOL. So now, as I type, I can't use the normal enter key...which is hard.


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Mindi said...

Your pictures turned out cute yet again! Love the close up of Bree! Glad you guys were able to have a family day together! It is really expensive to go to movies isn't it?! My kids want to see Shrek and Toy Story 3 really bad-but we'll have to see how that falls into our budget! Thank goodness for mcdonalds! i've loved their dollar menu lately! :)