Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chapstick & Cuddles & *%&#^ that hurt!

Yesterday Miss Bree got ahold of some chapstick while I was folding laundry. I think she spent to much time watching me try to dye streaks in the girls hair the other day, because I think she was trying to make streaks in her own...with the chapstick!

This required a trip to the tub, for a good hair scrubbing. Fun times.

I do have some cute pictures of Jilly & Bree during some quiet cuddle times. They are so cute when they are quiet :)


To bad there are not more moments like that. Most of the time they are screaming at each other. Jilly loves to piss off Bree, which makes Bree very vocal...

Here is a video of Kelsey & Bree. They are watching the Annoying Orange on Youtube. Bree LOVES that dumb orange thing and wants to watch it all the time. I got a kick out of her giggling gand her expressions while watching it, so I took some video of it.

Giggling Bree watching annoying Orange from Renee Kofoid on Vimeo.

Yesterday, I was laying on the floor just relaxing. I asked Bree to walk on my back but she wouldn't, so I was just chillin' out. All was good, until.... All the sudden 60 lbs of force and the knees of a 9 yr old were pounding on my back. Jilly thought it would be funny to pretty much cannonball onto my back. You should have heard the cracking sounds my back made, and it hurt. Normally, I like for her to walk on my back to crack it, but not jump onto it, with knees, when I'm not expecting it. OUCH. I just laid there with tears in my eyes for several minutes. Jilly realized what she did was NOT funny after all and she told me she was sorry...which was nice, but it didn't take the pain away. So now I'm sporting a sore back. It could have been much worse, I'm thankful I can still move around and all.

Thats all for now. Don't forget, tomorrow is Renee's Recipe Round-Up day. I think the theme will be beverages. So start thinking of a recipe you can post :) Thanks! Toodles!


Mindi said...

Oh my goodness, Ava LOVES chapstick too! It's such a mess! Your girls are cute together-I agree, it's very rare when Lauren and Ava just sit together and not fight!
OUCH! Try some icy hot!!

Tammy said...

I think it is really cool how Bree loves to cuddle. Paige isn't a big cuddler but she does have her moments. The video is adorable!!!