Saturday, June 5, 2010

Show Me Saturday! Ugly

Show Me Saturday is here. I give a topic, and you blog about it, show a picture link back to me, and post your URL in the linky below. Fun right? You can use my Renee's Ramblings button over on the side, I'd really appreciate it. Just highlight the code by doing control & C, then paste it over to your blog. Ready? Let's go!

This weeks Show Me Saturday is all about UGLY. You interpret ugly however you would like. I'm going to show you some ugly pictures of things around my house. Bill bought this house before meeting me. He had plans to change some things, but then I came along, with kids, and we married and had a kid, and all spare money went out the window, so changes never came about. So, look at my ugly (while I have ugly things, I'm still grateful to have a roof over our heads!)...

First up is the bathroom...GOLD. Gold tub, sink, and toilet, and mirrored shower door that is all messed up. There are also ugly lights, and nail polish stains from the thing of nail polish that fell out of the linen closet and broke open.





Shall we move to the kitchen? Lets...
Ugly fake brick around the is the dark brick, then we also have a wall of fake white brick...



Ok, one more thing...this is really ugly, and gross, so beware!!

Our cats can't seem to make it into the litter box very well...


I warned you it was gross! OK, that's my ugly. Can't wait to see yours. Please be sure to link up!

I'm going to give you a heads up on some future Show Me Saturday topics, so you can start thinking of things to post about for them. Stormy Skies, Favorite Toys, Whats in your purse, and bedhead. :)

QOTD: Do you IM? If so, what do you do it on? Yahoo? MSN? Skype?


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Dazee Dreamer said...

I IM at work. It is through MSN. Most the time I'm just talking to employee's in other locations, but we usually aren't talking about work. heheh. I love IM, it's like texting.

Mindi said...

I used to IM all the time when I was working. I would IM with other coworkers, but I also would IM my mom a lot. I don't anymore now I home.

EWE on the kitty litter box!!! It's hard to live in a house that needs some improvement! Our first house was like that! :/

Dazee Dreamer said...

Hey, I've given you another award. Come on over and check it out.

Tammy said...

I use all the ones you mentioned and gchat too.