Monday, June 14, 2010

Color me Koolaid?

After watching a video a week or so on FB, of a lady with koolaid dyed hair, it got me thinking... Then the other day, Jilly asked if she could color her hair with the spray crap we got for Halloween...which got me thinking some more.... I hate that spray crap, it gets all over everything. If she wanted some color maybe we should try the koolaid thing, and see how that works. I read some stuff online about doing it, and thought we'd give it a try. Our first set of directions, and the green color she picked, didn't work. So the next day we tried again, with new directions and a different color choice. This time we did Tropical Punch, in other words red (or pinkish depending on how long its left in). Jilly's hair smelled really good :) We got streaks in her hair, and wrapped her head in Saran Wrap. Off she went to play with her latex glove filled with water, that she named Lawrence (weirdo!).

In the mean time, I made dinner. Bree stripped naked, and tried to scotch tape herself, then the cat. We have such a loony bin here.

After dinner, it was Kelsey's turn for koolaid hair dye. She picked blue. We got her streaks in, and off she went. She left hers in over night.

Apparently there are some colors that work better than others. Jilly left her dye in for a few hours, and got some results. Kelsey who left hers in all night, has basically NOTHING. She's pretty bummed. I think the fact that Jilly's hair is practically white, the dye took better then Kelsey's who has a dirty blonde, nearly brown hair color.

Here are some pics of Jilly, can't really see it good from the front in these pics, its a faint pinkish color:



Not to bad for about $.60 worth of Koolaid eh? I'm sure if she left it in longer the results would have been more dramatic. She's happy with it, thats all that matters.

QOTD: Have you ever colored your hair with Koolaid?



mommaof3 said...

my daughter wants to do that but dont have no idea how to do it.. ad too my daughter hair is a dark color i dont know if it will show up are not.. your daughter hair looks cute

You have searched me, and you know me! said...

I used to do this ALL the time to my hair!!!! I would had just a tiny bit of water to make it thick and less watered down. and put stripes on my dry hair, and leave it in until it dried! or all day! hahah! Super fun!

Dazee Dreamer said...

How freaking fun is that. I could totally see it in the picture.

Maybe grape would work. But I'm a total purple person, so you knew I would pick that.

Anonymous said...

It totally did NOT work with my kids' hair! We were so bummed! Back to hair spray kind :(

Mindi said...

I had friends that used to do that all the time! I've never tried it, but might have to do that with my girls sometime. I'm crazy like that!