Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm not feeling any love & Reminder

No comments for 3 posts now? Sniff sniff, I'm not feeling loved today.
It's been a long day. I'm heading to bed in a few and praying I get a good nights sleep. I've had a major backache all day, and this evening head-achy & dizzy feeling. Sleep is what I need.
Something to mark on the calender...Kelsey cleaned her room, without being told! She even rearranged it some. Wow right?
Just wanted to do a quick post to remind you to check your recipes, for tomorrows Recipe Round-Up will be BEVERAGES. I have 2 recipes to submit. The post will post tonight at around midnight. If you have some beverage recipes please link up.


Dazee Dreamer said...

Dear Renee. Are you sure I didn't comment. I am the worst blogger friend ever!!!!

I used to not clean my room much when I was a teenager, but when I did, I would rearrange my whole room too. She rocks!!!!!

Renee said...

Yep, I'm sure, no comments on the last 3 posts. It was horrible LOL. I felt unwanted and unloved :P. The gloomy rainy weather had us stuck inside and I was bored all day, I was hoping to have some comments to read. I'm SO SICK OF RAIN! Today is sunny thank God, now it just needs to dry stuff so we can go out, I don't want to sit my butt on a wet swing, yuck.

Amanda said...

Hey! So sorry... I have been absent for a bit, but you are never forgotten my dear!!

Be blessed-

Mom of the Perpetually Grounded said...

That's an awful feeling, I'm glad some of your friends showed up!
My girls are supposed to be cleaning their rooms right now, but are they? No. I should show them your post and the good example!

Mindi said...

:( So sorry! With my birthday and Ava being sick, doctors appointments, and trying to plan a crazy lia sophia jewlery party with my hubby's cousin's controling wife? I've had very little time to spare. Oh, and going to wal mart 3 times to pick up $*&^T for our camping trip this weekend. I hope I have a break tomorrow!
If it makes you feel better-you, my mom, and anyone on my sidebar "Blogroll please.." are the only blogs I ever visit anymore! Enough to fit in one hand because half of them don't post all the time. SOOO Yes, I love to visit you silly!

Hope you get feeling better!