Sunday, June 27, 2010

Haircut, Pool, and Grandma's house! Busy afternoon.

I hope everyone has had an amazing Sunday.

Our Sunday ended up being busy. Bree mentioned the other day she wanted a haircut. I had been thinking about it actually, since she gets so sweaty with her long hair. Plus, when I put her thin hair up, it ends up falling out of clips and rubber bands, and it looks messy, and it bugs me. So, we decided a haircut would be a good idea in deed.

Kelsey was still staying at our friend Cindy's house, and she wanted to go with to see Bree get her first real haircut, so we ended up going to get her. Bree didn't want to sit in the stylist chair herself so I sat with her and she did just fine. She looked pissed at first, but she wasn't. She sat there quietly, not saying a word.




After leaving the hair place I noticed it was a bit uneven, one side was a tad longer, so late when we got home I fixed it. The last picture there in that row is after the cut, that picture doesn't do it justice really. In some of the pictures I'm posting below it looks much nicer.

After the haircut we took a quick run in to Wally World, then it was back to Cindy's house. Kelsey is staying there till later this week. While dropping Kelsey off we visited a bit and the girls went swimming. Bree is liking the pool much better now. Kels & Jilly LOVE the pool, and would like to be in it all day. I didn't get in today, but wished I had, I dipped my feet in and the water temp was just right.

Bree pool 6-27-10

Jilly 6-27-10

Kelsey 6-27-10

Next we went to Grandma's house. The girls love going there to see Gram and the dogs. Gram got some new toys so the girls had to check them out. Gram even played the game too :) Bree had the most fun with the rocks at Gram's. She said some rocks were science rocks, and some were oval rocks, etc. She's so smart.

Fun with Gram

Just as we got to Grandma's my cell phone rang, it was Jilly's dad. She talked to him for over 10 minutes and came in the house with a smile on her face. She hasn't had a chance to talk to him much and she was really missing him. The phone call did her good.

After Gram's it was time to head home. Of course on the way Bree decided she had to pee, so we had to make a stop at the nearest gas station (there is only 1, 1/2 way between Gram's & our house). I swear now that she uses the regular potty we see every bathroom at every gas station and every store we pass. I think Bree just has a potty fetish. When we got home we ate dinner, and Bree has been a wild child ever since. Jilly has been chilling out most of the time watching TV, but she has added to Bree's wildness a few times. As for me, I'm tired, and anxiously awaiting for the little ones to go to sleep so I can have some quiet time. I'm sipping a wine highball right now, just because I wanted one... Once the little ones are snoozing I have to take the trash & recycling out because Bill didn't. This time of year I'm not a fan of doing it, to many earwigs out by the trash, ICK!

That's our day, probably boring to most of you, but that is all I have to talk about :)

QOTD: Who takes out the trash at your house?



Deanna said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day....

Tammy said...

It looks like you all had a great time!

QOTD: My husband and I both take out the trash but I tend to do it more often than him.

Mindi said...

Bree's hair is so cute!!!! Totally love it. And her little face while getting it cut? Priceless! Those have been our days lately-crazy busy full of plans!

Mindi said...

ANSWER-I make Dave take out the garbage. That's really the only chore he is in charge of around here! :)