Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

I wanted to take a few minutes to wish all the men in my life a Happy Father's Day! My Dad of course, Bill my hubby, Kelsey & Jilly's Dad, my brothers, and to my friends that are dads. Hugs go out to my friend Dan who is getting through his first Father's Day since his son's passing in April.

Let me take a few minutes to tell you about my dad. His name is Richard (Dick), he & mom have been married for a gazillion years (I'm sure he'd say it feels like that many!). My dad is an extremely hard worker, even now. Dad is very funny, and has a strange sense of humor, sometimes I wonder if I get some of that from him. Some of the craziest things Dad did were back when he was younger and a drinker (thankfully he is no longer a drinker). I remember as a pre-teen, dad going to the mall with us. He LOVED to embarrass me. He would pretend to be from the Beverly Hillbillies, he'd call me Elly May, very loudly so everyone could hear. He'd say something like "I ain't never seen me a store this big, how about you Elly May?" Or, he'd be gross and do a loud fart. Oy.

Even as my dad has aged, he still is goofy. He loves to tell the kids stories, and they believe them. One time he told Kelsey he wanted to be a cowgirl when he grew up, she believed him! He's also had the kids thinking he was an astronaut, and that he was in the Olympics. As nutty as he is, I still love him.

Here are a few pics of my dad from when he/we were younger. I had scanned a bunch together years ago, so I apologize for the clump of pics.
The picture on the bottom we all looked rather glum, it was the day of my Grandfather's funeral, we were just leaving to go to it. Mom wanted a picture of us while we were dressed up, no one felt like smiling.

Here is a picture of my dad from this week. He is holding my brother Robb's daughter Trinity. Normally Dad doesn't hold babies, he's not a baby fan...but from what my mom says, Robb told dad to hold her to see how heavy she was, and then he walked away so dad was stuck holding her for a few minutes. Hehe, way to go Robb!

Dad and Trinity

Happy Father's Day everyone.

QOTD: What is your favorite memory of your Father?

P.S. This morning when Bree got up (at 10:45! can you believe it?!) I had her sign her card for Bill. She also wanted to color on the envelope for it. She made a circle with some marks on it, she said to me, "This is a meteor, they are in outer space, you can't touch them." Umm holy crap, where did she learn that? My mouth dropped open in surprise!


Jesson And Rey Ann said...

happy fathers day...

Anonymous said...
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Dazee Dreamer said...

Renee, when you were a young girl, you looked just like my younger sister. I knew we were long lost twins.

Mindi said...

Man, I wouldn't want to smile if my mom took a picture before a funeral either!!

You do look a lot like my aunt Margaret in your pics!!

I have many memories of my dad. Not one special one sticks out-many ones like him coming to watch me talk on Fathers day at church even though he was super uncomfortable. They would always make me speak on fathers day because he was not a member of the LDS church and it was their way to try to convert him and get him to come to scarament meeting. He finally stopped going after year 4 or so-I don't hold it against him at all-I'm just glad he came the first few times, even though he hated sitting through it all! :)

Mr Lonely said...

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Tammy said...

I have so many great memories of my dad but I do have a simple one.

Our yard had some high clovers in it. Normally, my dad mowed the lawn every Saturday morning but he let it go a bit and it grew rather high. I decided I would have a picnic in the middle of the clover patch. Right in the middle of my picnic, my dad decided he had neglected the lawn too much and he started mowing.

I saw the lawn mower and began to cry. I was having a lot of fun laying on my blanket and hiding in the patch while having my secret picnic and he was going to mow them away and take away my fun. I begged and begged but he finally relented. My dad always prided himself on our beautiful lawn (which is why I'm so surprised it grew so high) but he mowed around my area and left that one spot high for me until I was done playing in it.

I know it had to have bothered him but he couldn't resist my begging, complete with tears and puppy dog eyes. He ended up mowing it later that evening after dinner. I'm sure our lawn looked hilarious with that one big patch of clovers but I was so happy that my dad kept it for me; even if it was only for a day.