Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Renee's Recipe Round-Up -BEVERAGES!**

Happy Wednesday and happy Renee's Recipe Round-Up day! :)

Today's theme is BEVERAGES.

You know the drill by now I hope, but if you are new to my blog let me give a quick run-down. I give a theme. You blog your favorite recipe with that theme (BEVERAGES). When doing so, snag my Renee's Rambling button over there on the side, and add it to your post (highlight the code, control & C to copy, then paste it to your blog post). Then, come back here, and add your url to the linky below, that way everyone can read your recipe! Fun right? Lets get to it!

I have 2 recipes today, but unfortunately I have no pictures to go with my post. You'll just have to imagine your own visuals.

The first recipe is alcohol free, its a punch recipe. This recipe has been in my family for years, we use it for wedding/baby showers and stuff like that. I LOVE this punch.

Sunshine Punch:
6 oz OJ (the frozen concentrate)
6 oz Lemonade (the frozen concentrate)
1 quart Apple juice
2 quarts Ginger Ale
1 pint orange sherbert

Mix the concentrates with the apple juice & ginger ale, shortly before serving, add scoops of orange sherbert to the punch bowl. Easy and so good!

My next recipe is for an alcohol drink. I make this for Christmas and New Years.

Vodka Slush:
9 Cups water
2 Cups sugar
Bring these to a boil in a large sauce pan. Then simmer for 15 minutes.
Now add:
1 12 oz frozen lemonade (concentrate)
1 12 oz frozen OJ (concentrate)
2 Cups Vodka
1 6 oz frozen limeade (concentrate)
Mix well, let sit to get to room temp., then freeze it. When frozen and ready to serve, scoop/scrape frozen slush out into a glass, then add 7Up or Sprite to it. Enjoy!

**Editing this post to remind everyone that the theme for the recipes this week is BEVERAGES. If you have a BEVERAGE recipe, please link up. If your recipe isn't about a BEVERAGE, please save it for the right themed week. Thanks!


Dazee Dreamer said...

I am actually going to link up today. Now wipe that shocked expression off your face. gosh (said in my best imitation of Nepolian Dynamite voice).

Mindi said...

Yay! I have a couple of good ones! I really want to try your alcholic mix! :)

Tammy said...

I love your Sunshine Punch! I made it for Paige's 2nd birthday party and it was a HUGE hit. There wasn't a single drop leftover by the end of the evening. Ry wants me to figure out how to make it in smaller quantities for just the three of us for the day. Carbonated beverages don't hold overnight without going flat, sadly.

Katie @ Time 2 Eat Yall said...

I have a linky up that I do every Wednesday/Thur. if you'd like to like up there also!

Thanks for the linky!