Saturday, June 26, 2010

Show Me Saturday! What's in your purse?

Happy Saturday! I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend. Are you ready for Show Me Saturday? I hope so! The theme/topic for today is, 'What's in your purse?'

If you would like to participate in Show Me Saturday just follow these few simple rules:
1. Blog about the topic with pics, after all its SHOW ME Saturday.
2. In your blog post, please include my Renee's Ramblings button and link back to me (you can grab my button over on the side, just highlight the code, hit control & C to copy, then paste into your blog post. Easy.
3. Come back here and add your URL to the linky below.

Before I show you what is IN my purse, let me show you my purse :) It is a super awesome purse, specially made for me, by my friend Kami. Kami has an etsy store, if you like what you see please visit her store, she has many other things there.

Isn't it pretty?

It is filled with pockets inside, I think there are 8 of them. I also have a matching key chain.

So, now I should show you all the crap that is IN my purse...

Lets see what we have...
2 pink dirty coin purses containing pics, library cards, drivers license, etc.
coin purse with $ in it (the one with Bree's picture on it)
Ziploc bag of butt wipes for Bree
Jilly's Epi-Pen
crushed crackers
insurance cards
swine flu vaccination cards
2 check books
ice breakers
socks (not sure why they were in there...)
lip gloss
dri-erase markers
batteries (for my camera)
Kami's business cards
toy ring
some elastic hair bands
And some much needed Aleve!

I think that's about it. That is a lot of crap. What isn't shown is Bree's sippy cup, which goes in there when we go places, it fits in a pocket inside :)

What is in YOUR purse? Show me! Be sure to come back and link up.

QOTD: Do you set off fireworks on the 4th of July?



Anonymous said...
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Dazee Dreamer said...

omg, you are an Aleve fan. Me too!!!!! and perdy purse. I likey.

Mindi said...

haha! I used to have to carry a epi pen for Sugar who had a peanut allergy! Love your purse, so cute!!

We always set off our own fireworks at home after going to see the big city production!

Amanda said...

Oh dear! I dont even carry a purse... isnt that sad! But my car is a GIANT disaster. :)

I LOVE your purse!! How pretty!