Friday, June 4, 2010

Railroad Museum & Sick Jilly Bean

Wednesday Morning the girls & I decided to go to the Railroad Museum in town. We've been there before (kinda boring IMO), but Bree is into trains right now so we thought she'd enjoy it. While she did enjoy seeing the big trains, she wasn't a fan of the old tour guide dude who kept talking and talking. The gentleman was very nice, but he was oh so slow, he could barely walk with help of a cane...made for an interesting and slow tour.

Inside the museum there is a bunch of railroad stuff (duh) and also a model railroad set up that takes up a whole room there pretty much. Normally kids are able to control it and make it move, but the guide didn't have the key to make the control box work, drat. Can I get a refund? LOL just kidding...sorta.

Outside the museum on the tracks they have a few old restored train cars. One is a passenger seating area & cold storage I think he said, they also have a dining car, and a caboose and old engine. Jilly & Bree's favorite part was the engine. They got to sit in the seats and ring a bell thing. Here is a picture collage of our visit:

Railroad Museum 6-2-10

Later in the afternoon, Jilly started to get a headache. She even took a nap! Unfortunately she also got a fever. In the evening it was 102. I drugged her up on ibuprofin and off to bed she went. Since then her fever has gone with meds, and returned without them. When the meds are in her system she feels ok, when they are gone she's feeling icky. Today, Friday, she woke up at 5:00 with a temp of 99.6, I gave her more meds, and she returned to sleep, its now 9:30 and no temp...I hope it keeps gone.

From now on starts our all the time Jilly time. No more visits to her dad/step moms, they are all in Norway now. Bria & the kids should have landed this morning. I know Jilly is going to miss everyone. Please keep her in your thoughts & prayers.


QOTD: Do you like meatloaf?


Mindi said...

I'm sorry Jilly is sick! Poor thing-we all can relate! Looks like the railroad museum was fun! I bet Bree loved it! I will be thinking of Jilly, hoping she gets feeling better soon, and that she does OK with her other half of the family away now. :( Makes me sad for her!

Mindi said...

OH, and PS

Not a fan of meatloaf. Depends on the recipe! I hated it growing up! Blah!

Dazee Dreamer said...

I was just going to ask you how Jilly was doing with them gone now. Poor thing.

I love meatloaf. But I never made it because my kids hate it. I like stuff peppers too, but then again, it was like a glorified meatloaf.

Tammy said...

It looks like you all made your own fun at the train museum. I'm sorry that Jilly had to start out her summer being sick.

I love meatloaf! My husband hated it until I made him some (I doctor it up) and now he loves it and asks for it often.