Thursday, November 19, 2009

As if things were not fun enough around here...

We made a icky discovery of the cats (maybe both) has worms! YUCK!! Oh freakin joy!! Remind me to never ever ever get pets again. These pets are draining our money big time. The cats have to be on special meds every day because of something they've had since birth I guess, not sure what it is, dh got the cats before he met me. Anyways, that med is $60 per can. On top of that we have the worms now, PLUS, we've been fighting fleas...oh yeah, we still owe on the dumb dog too...she broke her leg in 2 places last spring, which cost us over $3000...

I'll post another blog later, to let ya all know how the oinker shot went. I checked earlier and no line was formed yet...going to check again after lunch.

toodles for now

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Mind Of Mindi said...

holy cow! I'm so far behind on our blog! I'm sorry! :( Life is hectic. Thanks so much for your sweet comments-it made my day. I'm hanging in there I guess (I'll post about it sometime soon-hopefully I can get to it tonight.)

Worms? Oh heaven above that is disgusting!! I'm so sorry. Animals are expensive. We thought getting our puppy for free was great, until now when we spend hundreds on her. Think we'll get a snail next time! :)

Again, it's great ot hear from you and I'm going to catch up on your blog!!