Saturday, November 7, 2009


Wall paper stripper that is :) What? You thought it was a different kind of stripper? Shame on you! haha At least it got your attention...or did it? Seems no one is reading lately.

So anyways, today I went to my moms and spent the day stripping the wall paper from her dining room walls. Such a fun job. Got that all done and tomorrow I'll go back and work on primering the walls, then painting. Hopefully it looks great when we are done. Mom's been wanting me to do this for her for a long time.

Bree spent the day playing with Grandma and Grandpa while I did the wallpaper stuff. Usually she stays far away from my dad, but today she was his buddy. She kept taking toys to him and talking non-stop. Dad was pretty amazed at her gift of gab :) The only nap Bree had today was 15 minutes on the way home, but did that make her go to sleep early? Hell no! She was up till 10. I was falling asleep cuddling with her, but she was up and watching tv.

So on the way home from my mom's tonight, it was dark...and guess what we saw! CHRISTMAS LIGHTS on houses! WTH? Its the first week of November, way to early to have Christmas lights on! I can understand putting them up today though, it was a beautiful sunny and 70 degree day here in IL! Great day to get those lights up (just don't turn them on till after Thanksgiving!) so you don't have to do it in the freezing cold winter weather.

I finally got a picture of my brother & sister in laws new baby. She is a cutie that is for sure! See for yourself :)

Trinity Rose
I didn't lie did I?

My silly daughter, Aubrey cracked me up tonight. She said to me, "Peace Out Mommy!" She is a hoot.

Ok, enough for now, I'm tired. Gotta get some rest, another busy day of mom cracking the whip on me tomorrow!



mypixees3 said...

what a cutie

Mind Of Mindi said...

That baby is such a cutie pie!!! THey grow so fast! For some reason my girls have always been afraid of their grandpa-David's dad-still don't get it. Good luck with the painting-been there and done that too many times!! I'm totally with you on the Christmas light thing! I can't stand it until Dec. 1st. I curse Christmas commericals right now!

Peace out! :)