Monday, November 23, 2009

Dreaming of shopping...

I was just looking at Walmarts Black Friday ad...and dreaming of shopping. There are several things I'd like to get for the kids. Such as, Graphic hoodies for all the girls, pj's for Bree, guitar & DS for Jilly, and a baby doll set for name a few. Unfortunately, I'll probably not be able to shop, since 1: I'm broke, and 2: Dragging 3 tired girls out to be at the store at 5 a.m. wouldn't go over well, and 3: By the time I get there, I'm sure all the other greedy shoppers will have snagged up all the good stuff.

Bill's second job is at Walmart, working nights, he HAS to work, can't get it off that he can't help me. Wouldn't it be nice if employee's got to get the stuff and set it aside to buy after work?

Instead of these early bird sales, they should have a 1 day sale. Have these specials on for an entire day, to avoid crazy crowds stampeding in and people getting injured and stuff like that.

Will YOU be shopping on Black Friday?

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