Thursday, November 19, 2009

Update on the Oinker shot and other stuff

Got to the shot clinic at 1:45, then went into the crammed building and stood around for around an hour to get the shots. Kels went first, no problem. Jilly was next, she got teary and said it hurt like heck! She complained for the next 45 minutes. Then came Bree, she had to get hers in her thigh, she cried for about 30 seconds and was fine. She was pretty interested in her bandaid after that. She kept telling me she got her "Big girl shot". She did well. I was so grateful to get out of there! It was so hot and cramped in there, I was sweating like a pig.

Bree is supposed to get a second dose in about 30 days, I think Jilly too. That part sucks donkey schlong. Im sure if Jilly needs another she is going to put up a stink about going back.

So I mentioned in the previous post about the cat having worms. YUCK. When my husband came home for lunch I told him about it. He came in and took off his coat, I said, I have something to tell you, and you are not going to like it...then I broke the news to him. He walked into the kitchen, then proceeded to yell, "God damn it, why can't I get a mother *#&%ing break?!" then he walked back and put his coat on, and left without another word, slamming the door on his way out. Ummm OK... kinda childish don't ya think? Its not like its MY fault the stupid cat has worms. Besides they were his cats before I ever came into the picture, so he shouldn't take out the worm issue on me. It pretty much ticked me off. Yes, I know it sucks donkey that the cat has worms, (and fleas) and everything else, and I know he's tired and doesn't feel well right now, but geeze, don't take it out on everyone else.

Oy, the girls are in the kitchen now making salt dough ornaments, and fighting, big time...will they ever get along? I need a referee for them at all times.

Jilly made a book for Bree today. So far it's titled, All about Aubrey. And she has this much so far: Aubrey is turning 2 in a month. And she is so cute. She likes candy and loves to look at books. She is a very smart little girl. And she loves to play with babies. She has two sisters and one brother. Her big big sisters name is Kelsey and her medium big sister is Jillian and her big brothers name is Zach, he knows how to drive. :) Cute isn't it?

Thats it for now, gotta go tame some wild girls in the kitchen...Toodles.

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