Monday, November 9, 2009

Thank you McD's drive thru lady

I believe I stated at some point in my blogging history that I have a weakness for fountain cokes from McD's. Now that they are $1 I get one a day at least. Since I knew this morning would be rough (and it was, I'll explain in a moment), I definately needed my coke this morning. So, I dropped the big girls off at school, then headed for McD's on my way out of town, I was going to mom's today for more work on the dining room and needed the coke. I had a coupon from their Monoply pieces to get a free breakfast sandwich, so I got one of those for me, and a hashbrown for Bree and her fruit yogurt parfait. So, I ordered, got to the window, and the nice cashier lady was working yay. She is always so bubbly and talkative, a real nice lady. I joked with her asking if they had any sanity I could buy to go with my breakfast. She laughed and asked if I was having a rough morning. I told her yes I was, and had a rough weekend too. She said she could make my day a little better..and she gave me our order for only $1.07 :) Which is the price of just the coke. SCORE! That was super nice of her. Now I know why I like the McD's on that side of town so much better.

So the weekend was rough, doing all that stuff at my moms wore me out big time. Then I'd come home to my messy house. Plus Bree would be cranky from being gone all day. Then this morning Bree was screaming her head off frequently, which was really yanking my chain, I was not in the mood. I was cranky, tired, sore, and dreading going back to mom's to do more work. By the time I had got to McD's and listened to Bree scream for 10 min. in the car I was soooo ready for that coke lol.]

Once we got to my mom's, I went into the dining room to survey our work from the night before. We had painted the ceiling, but apparently we did a super shitty job. It was dark, and the dining room lighting was crappy, so it was really hard to tell what was covered and what not...come to find out there was a lot of not. When I looked at the ceiling this morning I wanted to cry. There was no touch up involved, it had to be totally redone. Have I mentioned before that I think painting ceilings sucks donkey dick? Well if not, it does!! I moaned and groaned, and said a few choice words, and got to work on the ceiling. It now looks much better. Then I had to put paint on the walls. Thankfully walls are much easier! I was done with all the painting by 1. Mom got the job of cleaning paint brushes and rollers, I was to damn tired and wanted to go home. The dining room looks nice. Once all the stuff is cleaned up and moved back into place it will look even nicer. I'm so glad its done. Mom's been wanting my help with this for a few years now. She has a whole list of stuff she wants me to do, and unfortunately there is more painting involved :( She wants the bathroom done again, and at some point the kitchen cupboards all need to be that is going to be a chore for sure!

So I'm pretty beat tonight and sore. I'm not used to all this work lol. On that note, I think its bedtime! Cross your fingers that Bree & the dumb dog let me get some sleep.


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sorry to hear about the ceiling