Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I'm a list maker. I make lists often, daily, but I don't make lists of lists lol. Sometimes I check off my list, sometimes I do not. I mostly make my lists to remind me things, since I'm old and have a crappy memory. I keep a notebook in front of me on my desk, to jot things down when the mood strikes.

Just to bore you, and give me something to type about, I'll give you a list of things I did today....

* Called the school to tell them Jilly is sick and staying home. (Check)
* Cleaned the stinky ass dog's cage (check)
* Gave stinky ass dog a bath (check)
* Changed clothing after wet no longer stinky ass dog drenched me (check)
* Unloaded the dishwasher (check)
* Reloaded the dishwasher (check)
* Laundry (work in progress, as always, never seems to be totally checked off)
* Picked up the kitchen (check)
* Swept the kitchen floor (check)
* Washed the kitchen floor (no. back hurt to bad at this point. If you don't hear from me later, send help, I'll be stuck to my kitchen floor)
* Came up with a dinner idea, then listened to my whole family bitch about it (check)
* Think about Bree's birthday and what gifts to get her. Decided on a bag of potatoes, a box of rocks, dry dog & cat food, and a pet water dish. Those seem to be her favorite things to play with anyways, who needs toys? (check)
* Fixed dinner and listen to my girls still bitch about it, but the older one had 2 plate full...go figure, must have been really yucky huh? (check)
* Gave Bree a bath then chase her naked body down to get her PJ's on. (check)
* Became very lazy, and sat and watched Dancing with the Stars (check)
* Got a cranky Bree to sleep (check)
* Gave Jilly some cough medicine and ibuprofin (check)
*blog (check!)

That is the jist of my day. I did more things, but at this point I'm to tired to remember them, and who knows where my list disappeared to. Some little one probably took it to use as a coloring paper.

I'm beat, so I'm toodling out...toodles

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mypixees3 said...

sounds just like my days