Saturday, November 21, 2009

Potluck post

Since this post is about a little of this and a little of that, I named it my potluck post :) Pretty smart of me eh? Let the rambles begin...

* Bree has been so funny! She has taken up dancing and can really shake it good! She has also learned how to do a somersault and each time she says, "I did it!" very cute.

* Bree has also learned the dreaded words 'Why?' and 'Why not?' and asks them over and over whenever something is said to her. She isn't even 2 yet, isn't this a bit early for the why/why not stage? I'm not ready lol.

* Bree LOVES bath time. Usually after dinner she is very messy, so we go right to the tub for clean up. I get her down from the table, and we say, "To the flyboat!" (from Wonderpets) and then we march to the bathroom saying, "march march march". Well when I did that last night, Bree apparently didn't want to march, as I said "march march march" she said, "but I can run faster!" and she ran her messy little butt to the bathroom. Silly girl.

* Today was busy. Went to my moms to help her re-arrange her furniture. Then came home for a bit, then it was off again, this time to the mall and to Walmart. Had to get my wedding rings cleaned at the mall, really my only reason to go there since I don't have any extra money to spend. When we got home Kels & I watched the movies The Ugly Truth, and The Proposal. Both were good. The underwear part in the Ugly Truth had me LMAO. Bree watched with us, sorta. She was more busy going up and down the couch, and spilling her popcorn onto the floor, knocking my drink off the table, and dancing around.

* Did I mention that Bree slept all night last night? Well she did! I was so proud. Things are going better for the most part since we gave up the booby pacifier.

* Today I got an award from Mindi over at Part of Me. Thanks bunches Mindi, I feel so special :) The award came with rules, but unfortunately I can't follow the rules, because none of my blog friends ever do anything with the awards I send them, and I really don't have to many that I can send to. I'd send you one Mindi, but you already have one :) Thank you so much for giving one to me.


I believe thats it for tonight. Its 11:00 and I'm beat. Toodles!

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Mind Of Mindi said...

No problem! They're just fun to get!!

I still need to see The Ugly Truth! I want to so bad. I'm so excited it's Thanksgiving I'll have to watch it with my hubby since he'll be home for work for Thanksgiving. I hope yours will too working 2 jobs and all! It sucks when the little ones learn the word why. I'm dreading that with Ava! Her and Bree should get together and do some dancing haha!