Sunday, November 22, 2009

Twitter & Facebook?

Before I type about my topic, I have to tell you about my conversation with Bree today. She was in the bathtub.
Me: Are you a cowgirl?
Bree: No
Me: Are you a cowboy?
Bree: No
Me: Well, what are you then?
Bree: I'm a COW!!
LOL what a nut!!

Ok, today I'm going to ramble about Twitter, and Facebook. Do you, my readers use these? I use both. I have myspace too, but haven't checked it in forever. I have twitter and facebook open every day all day that my pc is on, and when I'm near it and have a minute, I refresh and see whats going on with everyone. I like both programs. The one thing I don't like about FB is seeing what everyone else is sending eachother, and all their game/application crap.

I wonder how long until something new comes that I get into and then end up spending less time at FB & it did to myspace.

Anyways...if you want to hook up on either of those, I'm ReneeDK on Twitter, and on FB I'm Renee Lumsden Kofoid.

I hope everyone had a super Sunday. Mine was crappy...litterally. My rear was glued to the John half the day. Had a headache all day too. Wasn't fun. I'm hoping for a better tomorrow.

Gonna be a crazy week. Kids will be home Wednesday, Thursday & Friday from their will probably be a lot of fighting around here...will my older girls ever get along?? Thursday, my parents will be coming over for Thanksgiving. I'm cooking, I do every year. I'm hoping we are all healthy, so sometime during this holiday week my brother, sister in law, and the new baby can stop by when they are in town.

I guess thats it for now, I have a little blonde wanting to climb on me...Toodles!

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Mind Of Mindi said...

yay! I'm a Facebook junkie. I'll send you a request! I was going to sign up on Twitter (for the second time) yesterday but haven't gotten around to it yet. I had an account last year before it became really big, now that it is big though I think I would have more fun with it. :) Bree is silly!