Sunday, November 15, 2009

Blogs blogs and more blogs

Recently I've found some excellent blogs to read. I've taken a liking to food blogs, and crafty blogs quite a bit. I find one I like and end up spending way to much time reading everything there....Usually while reading, I come across links to even more blogs, and I find some I like that way and spend more time reading. Its very addicting. I've been bookmarking a lot of pages of things I want to make sometime. I've already tried a few recipes I've found, and a few craft things. Its a good thing. :) Not so much for my housework though, its feeling neglected often...but its always waiting for me when I'm done reading.

Thats it for tonight. Boring huh? Sorry. Toodles

1 comment:

Mind Of Mindi said...

Not boring because I can so relate to this! Hours go by and I don't even realize it!