Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I'm sitting here watching Aubrey play shopping. She is so imaginative. She pretends to scan toys, then put them in her bag, then into her cart. She then takes the stuff to daddy and tells him what she got him. Now she is on another shopping trip, she has a list she tells me. Apparently she is shopping for frosting, cookies and mook (milk). My kind of list :)

A bit ago she was telling daddy to lay down and go to sleep! She brought him a pillow, and at first she covered him with a kleenex for a blankie, but then she went and got one of her blankies for him. If he got up, she'd scold him and tell him to lay down and go to sleep! She even gave him a good night kiss, then said, "Nice to meet you daddy, how do you feel?" LOL she is such a nut.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. My parents will be coming over for dinner, I'm cooking. I actually enjoy making Thanksgiving dinner...just don't like the clean up so much. I started to get stuff ready today. Chopped up the celery & onion that will go into the stuffing, made sure I had everything I needed, made a little pie...which is actually extra, since mom is bringing pies. The pie I made is a Jello recipe, they have a pumpkin spice pudding out right now, the pie is made with it and coolwhip. Its pretty good, I snuck a taste. Thinking about sneaking a whole piece too, since its extra :)

In case I don't have time to post tomorrow...Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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