Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New look...again.

Since Halloween is over, I figured it was time to change the blog look again. I went to Scrapblog to make something new...only to discover Scrapblog has changed things yet again. Why is it every good thing they change and its not so good anymore? Nothing good is free anymore either. First they introduced the "credits" you need to buy themes, backgrounds, stickers etc to make your project...that bummed me, but there were still many free things so it wasn't a total loss for a cheapo like me. Now you can pick some of their free themes, but you can no longer change much other then the pictures. You can't get a new background color for it, or new stickers etc, without buying credits. BAH! I don't have the money for that crap, so it depresses me. I used to enjoy going there and making new things. Why did they have to go ruin things? Because they want MONEY.

So, I have a new look, but its not the look I wanted really. I was going to do a fall type thing, not Halloween, more Thanksgivingish. I saw the design I picked out (the one I have now) and I was going to change the background color to a more fall color, but couldn't do it. I like it now, blue is one of my favorite colors, its just not very fallish. Do you like it? I hope so, because since Scrapblog changed all its crap, it may be what is stuck here for a while lol.

So. Yesterday, I posted about how well Bree did, and how she slept all night. I was so happy. Apparently, I jinxed myself, yet again. Last night was a bitch. I went to bed, and thought wow, since Bree is sleeping better I don't need to rush to sleep to catch a few winks before all the wake ups, so I thought I'd watch a bit of TV. I shouldn't have done that. I got tired and shut the tv off at 10:45. At 11 Bree woke up. We went and rocked and cuddled till she fell back to sleep, then I put her back in bed. At 12 she woke again, and we repeated the process. Then again at 1, and 2, and 3, and right after I put her back to bed that time, she woke again at 3:30. UGH. We ended up both laying in Jilly's bed (Jilly was in mine, she sleeps with me when Bill works nights) and she finally went to sleep for the rest of the night. Thankfully I was finally able to sneak out of Jilly's bed and into mine. Soon after I dozed off the damn dog woke me up because she had to take a leak. OH MAN!! That is so not fair. I took her out, she did her business, then she got put back into her cage for the remainder of the night (or should I say morning). Its nearly 5 a.m. now, but I am determined to catch a few winks of sleep so I head back to bed. That lasted for about 45 minutes, and the damn dog was at it again. Have I mentioned I hate this dog? LOL So needless to say, I'm tired today.

Today is my mom's birthday! I don't remember her age right now...I think she is 64. Happy Birthday Mom!

Since I'm so tired, I don't think I have anything important to discuss today, or can't really think of anything because my brain isn't functioning well on the little sleep. Hopefully I'll have something better tomorrow.

Let me leave you tonight with pictures of how Jilly fell asleep last night...on my chair.


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Mind Of Mindi said...

I've nevertired Scrapblog! I think your new look is great! Sucks these sites always have to change things up! I'm missing Halloween. :( Never ever talk about how the kids sleep through he night-it will always jinx you! haha! Jilly is a cutie-and hope your mom had a great birthday!