Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I'm borrowing (stealing) this idea from my blog pal Mindi. I read it on her blog the other day and I thought it was a good idea. Thanks Mindi.

Here are things I'm thankful for, abc style.

A - Aubrey! My little ball of sunshine, my spitfire, my funny girl. I love Aubrey.
B - Bill, my hard working husband who is working 2 jobs so I can be a SAHM. I love Bill.
C - Computer! I love my computer, all my friends live on there!
D - December due date group, great bunch of ladies, like family to me.
E - English :) Great language...to bad more people in the US don't speak it...
G - Grandparents, the kids love them, and they are always here for us when needed.
H - Hersheys! Chocolate makes everything feel better.
I - Income. While we don't have a big one in this house, its better then nothing.
J - Jilly! My diva daughter. I love Jilly Bean.
K - Kelsey! My teenage (eek) daughter, who is a great help with Aubrey sometimes. I love Kelso ;)
L - Love!
M - Mom. I love my mom, we are pretty close, she is always there for me. No matter what.
N - Ni Hao Kai Lan, Bree LOVES this show and it keeps her attention for a bit, she is even learning good things, and some Chinese language.
O - Oven? lol couldn't think of much else for O.
P - Players, as in portable DVD players, like the one in the van...Keeps Bree quiet, scratch that, content in the van.
Q - Quiet! rarely get any, but thankful for the little bit I do have
R - Richard, Rhea, Rick & Robb...my parents & brothers.
S - SNOW! I love snow. So shoot me :P
T - Time with family & friends
U - Upwind...a good place to be when hubby farts.
V - Van, my van gets me here and there.
W - Walmart. Not my favorite place...but its where we get most of our food and essentials.
X - Ummm...X-rays. Good ones, showing fixed breaks lol (Kelsey's finger)
Y - Yak yak yak. My girls talk all the time. Even though it drives me nuts, I am thankful they are able to communicate so well.
Z - Zachary. My first born. I love him. Don't love all his actions and choices lately...but definately love him.

Ok, my list is done. I challenge you readers to do so too...its not as easy as it may seem :) Good luck.


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