Friday, November 13, 2009


Tonight I have a little of this and that to ramble about. Nothing exciting really.

I spent most of the day cleaning my basement. This was a very hard job because I'm still feeling like shit and have no energy whatsoever. Plus I had a little helper...Bree. The basement was so very disgusting. My 19 yr old son has been staying down there and he is a freakin S L O B! I couldn't believe the mess I found. Totally not cool. When he returns from staying at his friends we are definately going to have a talk! Besides his mess there was just general mess. We have a very small house, and to many people with to much shit living in here, so whatever doesn't fit upstairs gets taken down..and then just dropped somewhere. It was hard to even walk through down there! HORRIBLE. So I have the one side of the basement done. I cleaned up, threw some stuff out, rearranged stuff, and while its still full of stuff, its at least organized and there is a lot more room to actually walk through and even room to spare. :) I'm in major pain tonight after all that work though. My back is totally killing me. I sure could use a massage.

The girls and I spent this evening watching the movie 'UP'. It was really good! The begining is somewhat sad, but it did NOT make me cry. There were several laugh out loud parts. We all enjoyed it, I'm glad we watched it.

Handy Manny is HOT. Well, the dude who is the voice of Handy Manny is hot I should say. Just thought you'd wanna know. :)

Told ya it was rambles tonight. Haha.

Thats it for now, sick, and tired, and tired of being sick! So I'm crashing for the night. Toodles!

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