Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Stick it, swine flu!

Tomorrow, the health dept. is going to have a free swine flu vaccination clinic here in town from 2-7. I will be taking my girls to get their shot. I know they older girls can get it, since the school recording phonecall yesterday said so. I think Bree qualifies too since she is young, even though she isn't school age. I can't get it yet, because I'm not in the "high risk" catagory. So tomorrow, we'll tell swine flu where to go as they get stuck with a needle fun fun!

So, every news story I've seen regarding these vaccination clinics, they show lines blocks long, and people waiting for hours to get these shots...eeks. This has me worried. Granted, I'm not in a huge city or anything, but this is for LaSalle County, not just my town. I'm worried about long lines and waiting outside in the chilly weather trying to keep an almost 2 yr old occupied. I thought about getting the girls out of school early. Not sure the school would be happy with that, it might be unexcused... I also thought of keeping them home all day tomorrow so we can go even earlier to check it out, see if lines are forming etc. maybe I could tell the school there was a family emergancy or something... I don't know what to do. I just know if I wait and go after school, everyone else and their brother is going to be there at that time too. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

I would possibly take the kids out early, since it is a medical appointment type reason. Excusing them early for this is MUCH different than to go to the park or something more "frivolous!"

Renee said...

Thanks for stopping by again today Ann. I'm still debating...several people have told me I should keep them out all day because lines at this place will probably be long. The weather is going to suck, 45 and rain, blah! Just what I want to do, stand in cold rain waiting to stick my kids lol.

Amanda said...

Yes.. dont get it. Your kids dont need this vaccination! Dont let the media scare you into thinking they do!

Renee said...

To late Amanda, they got it about an hour ago. I debated on the shot before, wasn't sure about it. But since it was FREE, I thought we'd go ahead and do it. I'd feel like crap if my kids caught H1N1 because I didn't get them vaccinated. Plus, I have a friend in the medical field, she says there are a lot more cases around here that haven't been reported, and there have been many false negatives on the testing... My husband works 2 jobs and is around people all the time, he was afraid he'd bring it home and our kids would catch it that way.

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