Sunday, November 29, 2009

Witnessed something sad & horrible this morning.

I know its in a dogs nature to chase other animals, especially when the dog is a Jack Russell Terrier...but I hope to never ever EVER have to witness anything like what I saw an hour or so ago again.

I took Moo out. Didn't see the rabbit in the yard, but Moo sure did. She chased it in the yard, it ran to her pen area and Moo cornered it. The rabbit tried to squeeze through the fence of the pen, but couldn't get more then half way...Moo had a chance and grabbed it....There was blood, fur, shrieking from the bunny...and screaming, from me. I was yelling NO MOO NO LET GO! Then I screamed for Bill to get his ass outside and help me! Moo had the rabbit in her mouth by its leg I think, I couldn't see well because Moo had her cone on. I did see the back of the rabbit was all bloody, from Moo & trying to squeeze through the fence. Bill finally got Moo to let it go, and the bunny ran to the back of the yard and escaped through the small hole in the fence. Poor bunny. It might survive with a gimpy leg, or the shock of it all might kill it. It made me sick to my stomach and sad. It shook me up, I was shakey. I love animals, and rabbits are so cute. :( Stupid dog.

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Mind Of Mindi said...

:( I'm so sorry-I wouldn't be able toget it out of my head either! Horrible. Sit that dog in time out NOW!!