Friday, December 11, 2009

The bestest gifts ever

As I said in the previous post, it was my birthday yesterday. I got some great gifts, and they were not the kind that money could buy. Kelsey gave me a foot massage, Jilly gave me a back massage, and Bree did my hair, she kept asking me if I wanted pigtails lol. Silly girl. BUT, the best was yet to come...Bree went to bed at 9 (instead of 11ish like she had been doing) AND she slept till 7:20 with no wake ups. Yay Bree and Yay for ME! The dog also cooperated and didn't whine to pee at all last night. I almost got to sleep till my alarm went off, I ended up a few minutes early, because I had to pee haha.

Today was a quiet day. The girls had a full day of school (yay!). I spent the day doing some cleaning, and some relaxing. My living room was clean a few hours ago, but looking at it now, you'd never know. Its rather depressing. The house needs to be decent tomorrow, because my MIL is coming over to babysit tomorrow night so Bill & I can go to his work Christmas party.

Tomorrow is going to be kinda busy. Early in the day is the kids Christmas party from my husbands work, then later is the adult one. As I said, my MIL is babysitting. I don't let Kelsey babysit. She & Jilly don't get along, I'd come home to a destroyed house, and one of them would be injured.

I'm hoping Bree cooperates at the party tomorrow and sits on Santa's lap, at least long enough for me to take a picture. Wish us luck on that :) She keeps talking about it and saying she will...but saying and doing are totally different things. I have a feeling she won't go near Santa (or Panta as she calls him).

Thats it for now...tata and toodles

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