Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Crappy Morning

Technically, it was a crappy night and it lead to a crappy morning... I couldn't fall asleep last night. When I did, Bree woke up 3 times. Between her wake ups, I had breathing issues, our house is so dry, my nose gets all stuffed up and my mouth all dry. I think I drool out all my saliva leaving me a cotton mouth lol. Its hard to swallow even. Gives you a lovely image of me doesn't it? So, I'm pretty tired today.

Let me tell you about my morning...I got up, due to the breathing issues and the dog needing to pee. After I took care of the dog, I laid down on the couch for a few, but it didn't last long, a stomach ache sent me to the bathroom. I did my business, then flushed. I sat on the toilet during most of the flush, because I figured my fat ass would muffle the noise a bit, I didn't want to risk waking up Bree to early. I waited till almost the end of the flush cycle, the noisiest part was done, and I stood up to pull up my pj pants when I heard a strange sound coming from the toilet. I quickly turned on the light (I had been doing my business by night light), and looked over to the toilet to discover water at the very top ready to pour out. I searched in the bathroom closet for the plunger. By the time I found it, water had poured over the edge of the toilet and was going all over the bathroom carpet. What kind of idiot puts carpet in the bathroom anyways?! I plunged and water started going down, but this was of course after the carpet within a few feet of the toilet was soaked. I grabbed some nearby towels off the towel rack, and when I did, the whole rack came off the wall. Nice eh? LOL It definately was not my morning. What a mess.

Thankfully, the rest of the day wasn't so bad. It wasn't great, but wasn't bad either. Pretty much a lazy day. I tried taking a nap, but couldn't fall asleep, go figure. That always happens to me.

Its now nearly 10 p.m. and I'm beat. Once this show that I'm watching is over I'm going to hit the sack and tell my bed how much I miss it and love it. LOL I sure hope the dog, and Bree let me sleep good tonight. I hope my toilet is nice to me as well :)

G'nighty night all. Toodles!

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Amanda said...

I hope you get a WONDERFUL nights sleep my dear!!