Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Missing ring

UGH! On my birthday, Kelsey took off her class ring, so she could put lotion on her hands. She supposedly set her ring on my desk. Then forgot about it until the next day, in the afternoon. She went to put the ring on, and it was gone. I hadn't seen it on my desk at all, if I had, I'd have put the damn thing up for safe keeping. So, we've been looking all over for this damn ring since, and haven't had any luck finding it. Its a $440 ring, that she has only had for a month! UGH! I'm so mad at her for being careless with it. I've told her over and over, leave the damn ring on your finger, that way it doesn't get lost because you always have your finger with you! But nope, she'd take it off to shower, and other stuff...and now look whats happened. Mother knows best Kelsey, please listen more often. It seems like I'm the only one worried about this ring. I guess no one else seems to care that there is a missing $440 ring, since no one else has bothered to help me search for it. I think this calls for a living room furniture re-arranging, so the living room can get a serious cleaning and I can hunt for the ring better...but unfortunatly, I need my husband to help me, the tv thing is a bit to heavy for me, and it involves moving cables etc...and getting him to help me is like ummm making the dead come alive. He HATES me rearranging the furniture. I LOVE doing it, and NEED doing it now and then to keep me sane. I'm stuck in this house all day every day pretty much, I need changes now and then.

Saturday, my little Aubrey turns 2! Can you believe it? Doesn't seem possible. We are having a little family birthday party for her. Ni Hao Kai Lan is the theme. She LOVES that show. When it comes on she happily yells, "Kai Lan's on, YAY!" and claps her hands. She's so cute. Cross your fingers that the cake I'm making turns out the way I envision it.

Speaking of Aubrey. She was so funny the other night. She'd give me a kiss, tell me bye, and say she is going to school. Then she'd walk down the hallway in the house, and come back. She would announce her return, and tell me she missed me, then she'd do it all over again. She did this several times. Then, she decided I needed to eat imaginary food. She went down the hallway to get some, bring it back and feed it to me, then go get more, and more, and more. THEN, she came back with a brush, and a headband. She wanted to fix my hair she said. I of course let her. She put the headband on all cockeyed, then announced, "PRINCESS MOMMY!" loudly to everyone. LOL she is a total nut. She kept working on my hair, telling me she was putting in a pigtail, which really meant she was yanking on my hair. If I yelled OUCH, she said, "Mommy don't say ouch!" haha. I kept asking if she was done yet, her reply was "nope, not yet". She is so much fun sometimes. :)

Thats it for now, I should probaby start to tackle my TO DO list that is a mile long. Toodles :)

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