Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Verify THIS! :P

Don'tcha just hate word verification and captia crap? Drives me nuts. Seems a lot of the blogs I comment on I have to use it. Hell for all I know, when people comment on mine they have to do so too...maybe I should look into that. Anyways, just wanted to bitch about it, because, well, because this is my blog and I have the right :)

Yesterday, my new niece Trinity came to visit us. It was my first time seeing her. She is so darn adorable! I gave her little baby head kisses. There is nothing better then baby head. Best kind of head you can put your mouth on. So soft, and warm, and smooth...ahhhhh I'm so in a baby mood! I want one! If I'm going to do so I better hurry though...I'm going to be 41 in 9 1/2 days. The girls & I all took turns holding her. Aubrey loved her to bits and gave her lots of hugs & kisses. Here are a few pictures:

We had a great visit. I can't wait to see her again! Maybe, if we are lucky, we could go stay a few days at their house again to visit, and give baby head kisses :)

As I've mentioned in previous posts, Jilly has had tooth issues and has been in sever pain since Wednesday night. I called around trying to find a dentist for her that accepted the insurance we had (state ins. All Kids). Only one place did, and that is a clinic place in town. I called, they said you have to register on one of their registration days, which happened to be that day...and then the only time they could get her in was on the following Monday! EEK. I booked the appt. because I didn't have much choice. Then I called our family doc, to see if she could see if Jilly and an infection that may need antibiotics, so if it did they could start working. She didn't see infection, but she was nice enough to provide a prescription pain medicine to get Jilly through until her appointment time. Later that afternoon I went to register Jilly. We were the only english speaking people there. The lady that took our info was very hard to understand. I wish those that pick the United States as a place to live, would at least take up English classes and learn the language here. Anyways...I got that taken care of and was praying Jilly wouldn't have much pain and be able to handle it till Monday.

I was telling my mother about the dentist situation. She offered to pay for Jilly to see her dentist (since Jilly doesn't have a regular one) to get the tooth taken care of right away and get Jilly out of pain. She was lucky and got us an appt. for today! So this morning, we drove 35 minutes, to my moms dentist. Jilly was scared. The staff was super nice, all the nurses were so good with Jilly and Bree too who observed. They praised Jilly for doing good, held her hand when she was scared and hurting from the shots and all that. Jilly ended up getting that tooth pulled. It was a baby tooth, and the big one was pushing it down already anyways. Between those teeth was some infection, the dentist said when he pulled at the tooth the infection stuff came out all over, ummm YUCK. Jilly cried, she said it hurt. We were both glad it was done. Longest 30 minutes of my life it felt like. It took Jilly quite a while to settle down. It was a bit funny on the way home though...her mouth was so numb, the drool kept oozing out lol, she kept holding kleenexes up to her mouth to catch it.

Just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to my mom. I don't know that she even reads my blog (she is a follower, but I don't think she actually reads). Jilly & I both thank you Mom for helping with the dentist. XOXO


Thats it for now...Toodles!

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