Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy ME!

Happy Birthday to myself! Yay. I survived another year. I'm not just an old fart now, I'm a really old fart! 41 yrs old to be exact. It started out on a somewhat bad note this morning, but the day has improved somewhat. I'm feeling really tired tonight, from the yucky last night...or maybe its because I'm really old now.

School was an hour later this morning because of the icy roads. Once I got the girls to school I came home for breakfast and to chill out a bit. Then Bill, Bree & I went to run some errands. We had some groceries to get and a few Christmas items. Got home, had lunch, then it was time to get the girls again. Came home, chilled a bit, then went and picked up KFC/Taco Bell for dinner. We always go out to dinner for our birthdays, but Bill went to bed instead (he has to work tonight) so it was just the girls & I, so we opted for fast food...not really what I wanted, but since I had to pay myself I went the cheaper faster route. Unfortunately it wasn't so fast...

Kels & Jilly are giving Bree her bath right now for me, so I can relax. That is nice of them. When they are done, we'll probably have some cake. Can't have a birthday without cake ya know :)

I'm hoping Bree is kind tonight and goes to bed a bit earlier then last nights 11:40. She didn't have much nap today, so maybe, just maybe, I'll get lucky. Cross your fingers for me!

Today, I've been thinking about my grandma's. Both are now deceased, but both are on my mind. My dads mom, was so good at sending everyone a birthday card. It always arrived on time, and she never forgot. I miss cards from Grandma. Thinking about her got me thinking about my moms mom. She used to call me Binky, that was the nickname she gave me and called me that even as an adult! I guess it was originally Stinky, because when she held me as a baby I always pooped haha. She figured growing up called Stinky wouldn't be a good she changed it to Binky (thanks gram!).

I guess thats all for now. Sounds like a lot of giggling going on in the bathroom, so I better go check on the crazy girls...Toodles.


Amanda said...

Happy Belated Birthday... you are 41 years YOUNG!! Look at the gorgeous family!!

Many blessings-

Renee said...

Thanks for the kind words Amanda :)