Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stressed, and in need of chocolate, NOW.

Wow. I'm ready for good things. Lately things have been stressful. Of course finances have been tight for a while, but things really are not getting any better. I'd like to take on some babysitting jobs or something to get some cash flow, and yet still be home with Aubrey.

Things started going downhill fast last spring, when the dog broke her leg in 2 places. The back and forth to the vets, and all the treatments she had cost us over $3000 that we didn't have to begin with, so it put us in a big hole. There was also my feet issues, Kelsey's toe issues, and all the other crap that came along. We've been coping the best we can. It is something always on your mind though every day.

November, and so far December hasn't been easy. Car insurances were due, Thanksgiving, and Christmas shopping to be started, on top of what we already had going. We had a cat with worms, we've had flea issues, we have had something wrong with the dogs skin. My dh has been sick off and on and keeps going to the doctors for his cough but isn't getting satisfaction in anything that has been prescribed to him. There have been xrays of dh's chest, and Kels has had xray's on her finger (not to mention the surgery etc in Oct.). I've also been stressing over Jilly's tooth issues. Its just never ending. Now when we really need the money, my ex #1's employer messed up with the child support, so its over a week late. My bank account is down to the nity grity, and it ain't pretty. It 'should' be taken care of tonight or tomorrow. I can only hope this to be true.

On top of all that. Ex #2, has commented a while back that he needed to talk to me towards the end of the year, because he had job 'changes' coming up. Then last time Jilly went to his house, he told her he was going to be moving soon, just him and his son, not his wife & step kids...not sure what is going on there. So last night he tells her on the phone to make sure to tell me that we need to talk on Friday when we meet for Jilly to go to his house for the weekend. I can not tell you how much I am stressing over this. I don't know what he is going to tell me, and I'm scared. If he is divorcing, fine, if he is moving fine, I'm ok with that. If he tells me he can't pay support anymore, or that he is moving back to Norway where he won't be seeing Jilly, or if he wants custody of Jilly, that will NOT be fine, not at all. I hope he tells me sooner then Friday, the stress of the unknown is really getting to me.

There has been some good things too, not everything has been bad. Like Mom's help with Christmas, and the dentist. Without mom, we'd be totally screwed right now. Can't thank her enough.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, if praying is what you do. Thanks.

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