Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I love you, but NOT NOW

Winter weather is normally awesome in my book, but I need bad stuff to hold off for a few days. Our weather forecast is freezing rain, wintery mix, snow, wind, that kind of stuff. Usually I say BRING IT ON, but I've got places to go, things to do. Tomorrow, Kels, Bree & I need to head out to LaSalle to get a few last minute things and some much needed milk, diapers, that kind of stuff. Christmas Eve night, I need to pick up Jilly from her dads. Christmas Day afternoon, I need to return her to her dads. So I don't want bad roads for those things. So, winter weather, hold off till Christmas Day night, and I'll be a very happy camper. Thanks!

Things might be kind of crazy around here till Jan. 5. Not only is school out, but my husband is on vacation from his main job. EEK. Bill is a hard worker, and works 2 jobs so I can be home with the kids. Unfortunately, that makes him super tired and extremely CRANKY. I'm hoping with the time off he can rest up a bit and get back to his old nice goofy self and not such a bear to be around. Wish us luck :)

Is everyone ready for Christmas? I am, pretty much. I'm ready for it to be over too. The tree will probably come down the day after. The outside lights will probably stay on till Jan. 1. Not sure when they'll be taken down, depends on the weather, but they won't be turned on after that.

Trying to get the house organized to fit all the new stuff coming in is going to be a chore. I sure hope my ex, Jilly's dad, lets me have the bunk beds soon so I can have more space in Jilly/Bree's room for toys & such.

Those that read my blog, do you like it? Obviously you must a little, or you'd not be coming back... How about leaving comments? :) It would make me feel really special lol. If ya like me, maybe pass me on to a friend that enjoys reading blogs. I'd love to get more readers. Do you like blog 'carnivals'? Should I be doing those or are they annoying? Give me some clues on what would bring in more readers. Please & Thank You. :)

Thats it for now. I hope everyone had a good day. Toodles

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