Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Birthday Wishes

I'm so tired, but my little night owl daughter won't go to sleep, someone please make her sleep! I've been half tempted to stop her daytime nap, but that is my only sanity during the day. I try to get her to take it earlier in the day, but that rarely happens, if Bree isn't ready to sleep, Bree won't sleep. Last night it was after 11 again when she went to sleep. Then at 4:50 she was up crying. I got her back to sleep, then the dog whined to go out. I took the dog out, climbed into bed, shut my eyes, and Bree was up again. Bah! I got her back to sleep in about 15 minutes, but by then it was pretty close to the time I'd have to get up anyways, so I just stayed up. I wonder if I'll ever get to sleep in till my alarm clock goes off. It frustrates me.

So, on Dec. 10, I will have a birthday....and I'll be 41 yrs old. Eek. Every year for my birthday, I wish for snow, lots of it. So far the forecast on my birthday doesn't call for snow, but we did get some yesterday, and today, and tonight and tomorrow I think we are getting some. I just hope its not bad enough for a snow day. Tomorrow I have errands I need to run and can't if the roads are nasty, and on my bday I don't really want Kels & Jilly home all day fighting, it would make for a crappy birthday. I'm looking forward to birthday cake, one that I don't have to make. Bill ordered one for me. Its a request I always make. Can't have a birthday without cake, and I sure as hell don't want to make my own and have to clean the mess lol. I'm also hoping for dinner out, or carry out in...cross your fingers for me :)

OMG Can I just say how annoying this Upside Down Show is? Gives me a total headache, I think those 2 dudes need some ritalin or something. I wish Bree didn't like it. The good thing is its keeping her quiet, and laying down...for now. Maybe she'll get bored and sleep.

There is ONE good thing about Jilly's dad moving. We have agreed that he'd give me her bunk beds from his house. That way, Bree can have the bottom, and Jilly the top, instead of having 2 beds taking up all the floor space. Now maybe I'll be able to get some toys in their room and out of my living room. I have no idea where in the heck all the Christmas toys are going. Bree is getting some big items. What were we thinking?

I guess thats it for now, I have had nothing exciting happen today to share. Toodles

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