Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope your day was full of safe holiday fun.

I sure hope Santa was good to everyone today! He was to the kiddos here, as good as he can be at the moment anyways. I'll load this post up with photos, because I can :) But first, I must say, these last few days have been stressful! Mostly due to the crappy weather, power going out, and teasing us with a 10 minute outing today too. Yesterday it rained like a monsoon, the few times I went out, I got drenched. Yesterday was just a icky day, cold, damp, tiresome day.

Today I woke up before the kids, I took a quick shower to get it out of the way before the craziness began. Once Bree woke up , Jilly woke up, Kels was already up. Then there was flying wrapping paper as the girls ripped open their gifts. After that, I went to the kitchen to make breakfast. I tried out a new coffee cake recipe, it was pretty good. We also had eggs, toast, and sausage. It was pretty yummy. The rest of the day has been spent picking up major messes, and the kids playing with their stuff. Bree really likes her horse. Kels is a fan of the bop it, and Jilly is a fan of her DS games.

I've been pretty bored today, imagine that. Everyone is busy with their stuff, Bill's on his pc, so I've been sitting at mine, or in the rocking chair trying to stay awake lol.

Anyways, Here are a bunch of pics, I hope you enjoy them. Toodles.
The presents as Santa left them (we have a small house, small tree, so he had to leave the presents on the couch)

Bree & her horse, that she loves
Kels with the Bop It gift
Jilly with some of her stuff
Bree decorating daddy
Bree in her new tent, with her new sleeping bag, with her new Kai Lan :)
Since I'm to stupid to figure out how to post a video on here that I have on Flickr, I will just let you click on this to view Tigger smacking Bree's new train, if you would like to see it. She would have really smacked it off the tracks if Jilly didn't walk by and distract her. She's a nutty cat.

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