Monday, December 28, 2009

Shopping, playdough fun, and pain

Today, Kels, Bree & I went shopping. We just went to Walmart & Hobby Lobby, but it seemed like we were shopping for hours! Bree fell asleep during our visit at Wallyworld, and had to be carried, and she is SO HEAVY! I was glad to get her in her car seat for a break. While at Wallyworld, Bree had a gift card (Thanks Uncle Walt & Aunt Linda!) to spend. She wanted several things, a new doll, playdough, and a tea party set mainly. We talked her into the playdough kit and the cheapo tea party set, the doll is going to have to wait till some other time. She really has plenty of dolls, but she LOVES getting new babies.

The playdough set is an ice cream maker thing. Bree couldn't wait to get home to play playdough with daddy, its their new thing lately to do with eachother. Bill is usually working or sleeping because he works hard at 2 jobs, so they don't get to much time to play together. He is on vacation from his day job this week and Bree is loving her daddy time, I think he is loving it too! They played playdough for hours today!
To be honest, I'm enjoying the Bree & Daddy time too, it gives me a little break :) Before this new playdough set they played with a different one we had, its a monkey one. When he comes home from his night job, Bree grabs his hand and says "follow me daddy" and she takes him into the kitchen to play "tato" as she calls it.

I'm glad to get the break from Bree a bit, because my shoulder has really been bothering me. It started a month or so ago, and hasn't stopped. Some days its not to bad, other days its really bothersome. It hurts to lift Bree. It hurts to lift my arm to put my hand on the steering wheel, it hurts lifting a gallon of milk, it just plain hurts a lot. I'm not sure what to do for it, ice or heat? I've tried heat, didn't seem to do much. I've done Icy Hot, and ibuprofin, that didn't do a whole lot either. I guess now that I'm getting old, I'm falling apart. Blah.

Anyways, thats how our day went. I'm so ready for bed, and its only 6:20! Shouldn't this day be done already?

I hope you have all had a marvelous day. Toodles!

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