Sunday, December 6, 2009


Whew! I can relax a bit now. Child support finally came in on Friday and I was able to get some things we needed AND fill my van's gas tank. Yay. I still have one thing to stress about, and that is the talk I'm having with Jilly's dad later today. I hope whatever it is he needs to talk about isn't anything to serious.

The weekend has been spent running around and being lazy. Last night we ran out to Walmart and Big Lots. I got my haircut while at Walmart...didn't notice until this morning when I fixed my hair what a crappy haircut it was! How did I not see this last night? My bangs are a lot shorter then they should be, and they are at an angle...going the wrong direction then they should be going even though really there shouldn't be an angle! Oy. Remind me if I go back there to stay away from "Diedra" she was wicked with the scissors.

Aubrey went to bed at 11:15 last night, and was up at 4:20 this morning! I was not a happy camper. She did go back to sleep around 6:30, and I tried to as well, but the stupid dog had other ideas for me.

Today we took another trip to Walmart because I got the bright idea to make Christmas cookies. I haven't had my recipe of cookies in several years and they really sounded yummy right now. We also stopped at Menards for a few things. We are going to make a rain gutter book/stuffed animal shelf, like the one in this picture here. It will go in Jilly/Bree's room. I think we are going to do one big long one on the one empty wall in there.

Now my cookie dough is made, and chilling. I was trying to get Bree to nap, so I could roll and cut them in peace, but she doesn't seem to interested in sleeping, drat.

I also need to rearrange the girls room to try to squeeze the toybox into there (hopefully it will work! its such a small crowded room already). I need to make room out here for all the stuff that a certain little one is getting for her birthday and many big items. Santa needs to bring us a bigger house. Or at least a professional organizer to help me make more room in the one we have :)

I have some pictures to share today. First is one of Bree and how she fell asleep for her nap yesterday. She was coloring, had a pen in one hand, and a crayon in the other, and fell asleep.


Then there is the one of Bree and how she fell asleep at 6:30 this morning...

Then we have Cranky Chef Bree, who was helping me make cookies earlier today and she was in such a crabby mood, everything set her off...


This cheered her up a bit...


There ya go, didn't that just make your day? LOL Please excuse my UGLY and messy kitchen in that last pic.

Whelp, thats it for now, I better get busy...Toodles


Mind Of Mindi said...

OK seriously Renee she is the CUTEST little girl ever...her and Ava both!! Little stinkers! :)

Renee said...

She & Ava should hook up and color together :)