Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday, the day after

Yesterday was busy all day with party preparations, the party, then putting together toys, cleaning up, and getting a birthday girl off to dreamland. I was super tired and didn't post last night.

Bree had a great party. In attendance were, Grandma Rhea, Grandma Mary, Grandpa Rick, Leah, Noah, Beth, Trinity, and Emily, along with us. Not everyone that was invited came, but that's OK, we had fun without them :P Our tiny house was full with those that did come anyways.

Miss Aubrey looked super cute in her birthday tutu.


She loved opening all her presents, and she got some great stuff.


And she (we) enjoyed some great birthday cake that yours truly made.


Bree had to try on her new Kai Lan sweatshirt, which she LOVED. She wore it the rest of the day too, and after her bath, she put it on over her PJ's until bedtime.


After the party, we watched Daddy put together the play kitchen Bree got. He got rather frustrated, and said many cuss words...


Throughout the day, we all had a turn holding baby Trinity (my niece). Bree had her turn early in the day before the party, the rest of us during the party. She is so cute.


Here is a picture of Grandma Rhea holding Trinity...

It was a great day. I asked Bree if she had a good birthday, and she said yes, that is the important thing :) Now, we can officially start the terrible twos...although we've had a preview many times already LOL.

Oh, almost forgot...Here are a few pictures of Bree with the birthday cards she received from my December Mommy group. We do a birthday card exchange. While she didn't get all she was supposed to (I'm sure they will be coming eventually...) she enjoyed those she did get. They came from all over the states, and Canada, and even Australia. Thank you December Mommies.


Thats it, I hope you enjoyed seeing the party pictures :) Toodles!

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Amanda said...

All of your pictures were wonderful...the kids are so beautiful and you can just tell how much they love each other!! I loved this visit in your life... so sweet!