Thursday, December 3, 2009

Still waiting...

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, there was a problem with my child support coming through. Supposedly, if the chick in charge sent it through yesterday when she said she was going to, it would have gone right to the SDU (States Disbursement Unit) and then to my bank account shortly after. Well guess what...still no sign of it at the SDU. This is total bullshit. Does this lady not realize people count on their child support? Especially this time of year. We need groceries, diapers, gas in the van, all that kind of stuff. I think the lady in charge of this should be reprimanded!! Or she should at least come buy me some milk damn it. :P I'm so totally pissed off at this situation. Hopefully once it comes through, my tense, bitchy mood will ease up so I can have some more fun posts.

Again, yesterday's post mentioned the situation with ex #2 needing to talk to me. This totally has me freaking the hell out. I wish he'd just tell me NOW what is going on. I've been sick to my stomach with worry. SO last night, I asked Jilly what she would do IF her dad said he wanted her to come live with him. Thinking she'd say NO right away, and it would ease my worries some. Nope. She said she doesn't know what she'd want to do. Gee thanks.

Zach is on his way to court right now. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers that it goes well. Hopefully he doesn't lose his license.

Yes I know I'm pretty bitch latey. I'm sorry. I have a lot to be thankful for actually. My kids are beautiful, smart and healthy. We have a home (hopefully we will be able to keep it for a long long time!), we have electricity and warmth. We have food, although pickings are slim right now, we do have stuff to eat. We have eachother, and other family too. Things may be tough right now, but someday, they WILL get better.

I'm watching Bree play with her baby. Its so sweet. She wraps her baby up in a blanket, and cradles her in her arms, and gazes down at the baby so lovingly. Its like she really loves that baby as a mother loves her child. She will be a good mother some day.

I think I will post some pics, and then go clean, put my angry energy to good use. Wish me luck. Enjoy the pics :)


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