Monday, December 21, 2009

If its not cakes, its COOKIES

Whew! Its been a long day. (Isn't today supposed to be the shortest day of the year?) Seems like I've been running here and there and baking and decorating cookies ALL DAY!

I needed a recipe that involved ingredients I already had at home since I'm pretty broke at the moment. I came across this one over at Amanda's site. I had all the stuff, it sounded easy, and the decorating was pretty too, so I figured I'd give it a try. They turned out pretty good. I did dot tree's for Jilly's class Christmas party, and the extras I messed around with and did some goofy things...they are for us to eat anyways. What do ya think?

I think they are decent. I'm still learning. Amanda said to use a ziplock bag, which worked well, mostly...Next time I'll use a more heavy duty one, I had a bag blow out lol. Thankfully it was on one of the extra cookies that are for us.

I think I like doing cookies, and I hope to try more, and improve.

Thats it for now, I'm tired. Have a great night. Toodles.


Amanda said...

those are BEAUTIFUL!!! Great job!!! You have got skills girl! I really like all the fun things you wrote out!


Mindi said...

Those look so yummy!!! Can I have one? (If there are any left? :) The one that says 'eat me' haha!